When Her Stomach Was Swollen, She Couldn’t Believe What The Doctor Told Her

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Chaya Maryan was one of those energetic women that many of us secretly envy. An exercise enthusiast and fun-loving mother, she threw all of her energies into creating a warm, happy, positive home environment for her children and seemed to be a magnet for attracting hilarious stories and memorable anecdotes. So when Chaya started feeling lethargic and weak after giving birth to her fifth child, her husband Eli encouraged her to visit a doctor. He knew his wife: Even though she was postpartum, this tired woman living in his home was not the Chaya that he knew.

To their surprise, she was diagnosed with postpartum depression.

Postpartum depression is very common,” the doctor explained. “It affects almost 60% of women who give birth. Give it some time. Make sure to get fresh air every day.”

But in the end, she was misdiagnosed. And the true reason for her symptoms was something far, far worse

A few months after being diagnosed with postpartum depression, Chaya noticed that her stomach was oddly swollen. After checking in a different doctor this time, the horrific reason for her harsh symptoms emerged.

She was in the throes of stage 4 cancer.

Chaya and Eli were in complete shock. Suddenly, life became a whirlwind of chemotherapy and painful surgeries. Eli had to quit his job to take care of the kids and help Chaya with all of the constant surgeries. Inevitably, their finances took a major hit and the couple had to pull out all of their savings just to put food on the table and pay their bills.

Recently, the doctors have told Chaya about an advanced treatment option that would drastically increase her chances of recovery. She would go back to being the fun-loving  mother that her children sorely miss, she and her husband could go back to their jobs, and life could resume as it once was for their family.

But one thing stands in the way.

“How can we do it when we are struggling to put food on the table for our kids?,” writes Chaya.

“My children are so young, and they need a mother. Without this surgery, I am not likely to make it. Please, give me the chance of recovery, if not for my sake then for theirs.”

Without enough donations, the Maryan family will lose the most important person in the world to them: Their mother. Click here to join some incredible people who are working together to save Chaya Maryan’s life before time runs out.



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