Where is Chuck ‘Shomer Yisroel’ Schumer?

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How many times have we heard Senator Schumer say he’s the Shomer Yisroel?

Yet in the last week as Israel and Jews around the world are under attack Senator Schumer said nothing.

When confronted he literally ducked the question and ran for the stairwell.

Call Senator Schumer. Tell him it’s time to unequivocally defend Israel, defend the Jewish people being attacked by anti semites on the streets of America. Tell Senator Schumer to re-supply Israel and demand anti Semites are prosecuted for hate crimes.

Call his office at (202) 224-6542 and tell him:

Senator Schumer, stand up now to save Jewish lives! 


  1. Ultimately, I don’t think Jews can count on the old school Democrat leadership to stand for Israel when the chips are down; just look at the original JCOPA support during the Obama administration. Today they seem even more desperate to hang on to their jobs and offices in the face of growing attention paid and media power accruing to the younger and more radical Democrats and are likely to capitulate rather than stand on principle.

  2. He is busy counting possible votes for his reelection, trying not to alienate any minorities, except for his own.
    That’s what politicians usually do.

  3. Please stop putting shomer Yisroel in the same sentence as this person. It is a denigration of the true and only shomer Yisroel the only one we can rely on.


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