While Chareidi Housewives Get Money Cut, Tens of Millions go for “Arab Culture”

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Even as Finance Minister Avigdor Lieberman rifled the chareidi housewife’s purse, the government allocated $112 million for Arab culture as part of $30 billion it is giving to the Arab public under pressure from its coalition partner, the United Arab List (Raam).

Minister of Culture and Sports Hili Tropper (Blue and White) noted this was the first time that culture programs were included in government arrangements for the Arab sector. The program will include the first museum for Israeli Arabs, a theater school, a heritage center for Arab culture, a cinema, and art galleries.

The government also approved a deal demanded by Raam to hook up electricity to tens of thousands of illegally built Arab homes. Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked delayed the bill for a week and limited it to buildings constructed before July 2018 and to certain other categories.

An explanatory note to the bill explained that many towns in Israel — most of them Arab — have suffered for years from an absence of planning, resulting in people being unable to get building permits or be connected to electricity, water, and telephone networks.

Raam pushed through the bill by stalling talks on the Economic Arrangement Law, an indispensable part of the budget, which must be passed by November 14.

Shas leader Aryeh Deri said that the government was squandering money on its allies while destroying his achievements to develop the periphery and introduce food assistance, discounted electricity, and transportation to its poor residents.

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  1. Pazshlista Paruski Yevette, have you forgotten that you’re in Israel, a democracy: not in your native land of love, St. Petersburg?

  2. Wong Chu, Unfortunately Bennett the traitor has given Yvette, as well as Abbas, Lapid, Meretz, Labor etc- the signet ring to do as they please so long as ‘King’ Bennett gets to play Prime Minister. They dont care who they hurt. They forget that there is a Borei Olam who rights all wrongs and hears the cries of the Torah-true community.


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