While Drafting Chareidim, IDF To Dismiss 3,000 To 5,000 Career Soldiers Due To Budget Cuts


idf-chareidi-koselThe Israel Defense Forces is planning on dismissing at least 3,000 career soldiers, and as many as 5,000, as part of its streamlining program in response to defense budget cuts. The military also plans substantially reducing its numbers of tanks, aircraft and combat ships. The IDF general staff has already drawn out the plan, but they are still awaiting government approval.

The IDF has already decided where cutbacks will be implemented first: a number of Armored Corps forces using the veteran Magach tanks, upgraded versions of the American M48 and M60 Patton tanks, will be closed. The size of a command headquarters of an artillery unit and a logistical brigade will be reduced. A squadron of planes will also be closed down.

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{Matzav.com Israel}


  1. In other words,they don’t need any more soldiers in the army,they just are filling a need of theirs to attack charadim who don’t want to serve!


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