While Hundreds Die, Ban Ki-Moon Asks to Give “Diplomacy a Chance” in Syria

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ban-ki-moonUnited Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon today asked for a diplomatic response in Syria, despite the evidence that much of the Security Council is headed for military strikes as evidence mounted that Bashar al-Assad’s regime was responsible for a chemical gas attack that killed hundreds last week.

“Here in Peace Palace, let us say: give peace a chance. Give diplomacy a chance,” Ban said at The Hague.

But Britain has already drafted a U.N. resolution to present to the Security Council today calling for “authorizing necessary measures to protect civilians” in Syria.

U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, meanwhile, will spend the next two days meeting with Asian defense leaders in Brunei in a push to make sure those ties are still strong. Read more.

{Andy Heller-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. It’s hard to know whose side he is on. It’s funny that he is sympathetic to the regime but doesn’t care that innocent people are being slaughtered from the same place. So he might be Sonei Yisroel but is apathetic towards Syrian victims too.
    It seems that they have no moral rights and lack even more- a backbone!


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