Whistles Bother Women Of The Wall

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Women of the Wall filed a complaint with the High Court against whistles blown by protesters which disturb their Rosh Chodesh “service.”

By demand of the court, the government had to explain what happened and did so in the following terms:

“During the prayers on Rosh Chodesh Sivan there were indeed whistling and sirens, but the ushers of the [Kosel Heritage] Foundation appealed to the rioters and demanded that they stop these activities. The whistles did not stop completely, but it was reported that they decreased.”

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  1. If it bothers them than they should stay home, What else do these arrogant women want, Everybody should bow to them?

  2. “If it bothers some men that women read from a Scroll they should stay home. What else do these arrogant men want? Everybody should bow to them?” that would be the same chutzpedike comment as the one from Anonymous. But some people are so intoxicated of hatred against those who have a different minhag so they think that only them know His ways.

    • To: Dos Iz Eppes”: You seem to forget, that the reform and conservative movements don’t “have a different minhag.” They have altered millennia sacred Jewish practice, simply in order to conform with their desired modern lifestyle. Their philosophy is that religion and everybody else needs to conform to their enlightened way of life and that is the epitome of “chutzpah! Remember, we didn’t change our religion, they did!

      • The so called “millennia sacred Jewish practice” is not even 150 years. Take for instance a look at pictures from the Herodian wall taken at the begining of the 20th century. Women and men are praying side by side. And there is no muslim inspired (from the middle ages) mechitza between them. The mechitza was a reform in synagogues when and where Jews lived under muslim rule and had to adapt to Muslim demands!

    • Wow, this is probably one of the most outrageous things I’ve seen in a while. All of the gedolim in recent history have come out against the reform movement. It’s apikorsus plain and simple. And to have the gall to say that it shouldn’t disturb me that these women are publicly making a mockery of our mesorah at the holiest site in Judiasm – the beis hamikdash area is outrageous. This isn’t one minhag over another minhag. This is apikorsus, and yes, people have the right to protest their desecration of the kosel. Unfortunately, the Israeli government has caved to the demands of the reform and have set aside an area for egalitarian prayer by those that claim to be practicing Judiasm. The fact that they aren’t using that area and purposely come to the main plaza further shows that this is provocative group with a goal of making the kosel one huge reform temple. They don’t daven normally, they just scream on top of their lungs, in an effort to gain attention to their cause and effectively disturb other people’s concentration. There’s no mitzvah to defend the enemies of klal yisrael.

    • Are you completely clueless or just trying to manipulate? These Women Off the Wall are card carrying secular liberals, who don’t “have a different minhag” and could not care less about prayer or coming closer to G-d; they are just using the Wesrn Wall for the purposes of manufacturing another fake crisis in order to sneak in their socialist-fascist agenda – classical Sal Alinsky’s tactics. It is them (and perhaps you) who are intoxicated with hatred. You’d look more intelligent if you didn’t talk about things you have no idea about.

  3. As the Yiddish saying goes – “feif zei uhn”
    They deserve nothing less – surely nothing more
    American Jewry finds them despicable

  4. If we start whistling and hooting then we lose any claim that the kosel is a shul and requires a mechitza. If it’s a shul, no one makes noise like that

    • The Women of the Wall group are the ones making the noise. I have witnessed one of their rosh chodesh ceremonies, and all they do is yell and scream in a very provocative manner, trying to draw attention to their cause. Drowning them out with whistles, one could argue isn’t the best way to fight this group, but it shouldn’t be shunned. They are desecrating the kosel. Those people who are whistling are making some kind of effort to counteract their actions.

  5. @Dos Iz Epes: ” . . . those who have a different minhag. . . ”
    “Minhag Yisroel, Torah he.” Where in “the Torah” is their (the WoW) minhag brought?

    • The Ezras Nosim was an idea of Shlomo HaMelechs goyishe arcitecs and graftsmen. And was a place that was Shlomo HaMelechs 100+ Baal-worshiping wifes appritiated. I didn’t see any mechitza at Har Sinai, did you? Maybe you were not there? Maybe you and some other people were building a calf/Herodian wall?

      • Can you quote a source for any of what you just said? Or is this all assumptions? Where would so called goyish architects get such an idea? From Islam? Islam was started hundreds of years later. Anyway, the beis hamikdosh was designed and built by yidden. It’s kind of outlandish to claim something so ridiculous. And all of today’s gedolim never read the Cairo genizah transcripts? There’s something you probably never heard of. It’s called mesorah. Why do we keep 2 days of Yom Tov if we know which day it is? Even if you are correct in your assumptions, we still follow our mesorah that we have kept for generations. Would you think someone that doesn’t keep the 2nd day of Yom tov is doing something wrong? Technically, he’s right. But we don’t deviate from our mesorah. People that do are part of what’s called the Reform Movement.

  6. From “Dos Iz Epes’ remarks, such as that mechitzas are only from Muslims, that Leining by women in public is ossur is new and the rest of his/her inane comments, it is clear that the “pintele yid” is missing.

    And we know that Epes without the Pintele is only Efes.

    Which is a more accurate description of that commenter.

    • You have probably never heard about the holy Seforim and text fragments that have been uncovered from the Cairo Geniza. If you had you would have known at least something about the Muslim impact on Judaism.

  7. I was at the kosel Rosh Chodesh Tamuz. I joined in with other frum guys against these reform radical feminist. The loudest demonstrators were the women with vales and faces convered. One guy gave each one of them a hundred dollar bill and told them to bring more of their women next month to scream at these women of the wall heretics. The funny thing was that the women with faces covered intimidated these reform women the most.

  8. The truth is that if everyone stayed away from them and totally ignored them, they would eventually just disappear.
    They are just looking for confrontation. That publicizes their actions.
    They have absolutely no interest in the Kosel, no interest in the Bais Hamikdash (they would join PETA to fight the use of korbonos), and no interest in davening (to whom? – they don’t believe in a RBS”O).
    They would eat a ham sandwich on Yom Kippur.
    They are helped along with the Israeli media, which too doesn’t find any meaning in the Torah and the Bais Hamikdosh.
    The best thing we can do is absolutely ignore them. Don’t look at them, definitely do not scream or even talk to them. Our frum media shouldn’t even mention them, show no pictures of any confrontations, etc
    You would see that after a few times like that, they will diminish, and eventually stop coming.
    Can we do that? It would show our appreciation of the Kosel and all that it represents to frum Yidden.

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