White House Blames Mexico For Coronavirus Spike In The US

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The White House is floating a theory that travel from Mexico may be contributing to a new wave of coronavirus infections, rather than states’ efforts to reopen their economies.

The notion was discussed at some length during a meeting of the administration’s coronavirus task force in the White House Situation Room Thursday that focused, in part, on identifying commonalities among new outbreaks, according to two administration officials familiar with the discussions.

Mexico has had more than 133,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases and nearly 16,000 deaths, according to data from Johns Hopkins University – dramatically fewer than the U.S., which has surpassed 2 million cases and more than 113,000 deaths.

Read more at CBS News.



  1. Poor choice of scapegoat/culprit. If there’s someone who’s been egging everyone on to reopen and loosen restrictions it’s the US Government itself. As far as I know, Florida doesn’t share a common border with Mexico and it’s recorded the hghest spike…

    • FAKE NEWS! This “coronavirus spike” has to do with drug trafficking and human trafficking.


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