White House Chief Of Staff Rips Fauci For Comparing Coronavirus To 1918 Flu

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White House chief of staff Mark Meadows said Thursday that Dr. Anthony Fauci was wrong to say the deadly coronavirus outbreak could possibly be similar to the 1918 flu pandemic, calling America’s top infectious disease expert’s remarks “irresponsible” and “false.”

“He was at Georgetown the other day and he suggested that this virus was worse or as bad as the 1918 flu epidemic. And I can tell you that not only is that false, it is irresponsible to suggest so, Meadows told Fox News.

“Listen, we all say things and do things that we wish that we hadn’t done. My understanding is Dr. Fauci is walking that back and telling the American people that that was not accurate and not based on science,” Meadows continued.

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  1. Can someone please post the final death count from the dreaded measles epidemic that ravaged our community last year?

    • keep up with your hippy dippy baloney. just know it leads to death. I know of someone who was into all that earthy granola baloney. this was many years before corona. she had a home birth to be natural. and because of it they couldnt get the child needed care in time and the kid died. but keep on ignoring medical science!

      • What leads to death? MMR – yes, natural measles – no. People die from vaccine that kills the immunity system but nobody died from natural childhood measles.
        It happened to 1 child who had was home-birthed. How come you’re still around? After all your great-grandparents were all home-birthed?

        • Yes, please feel free to live like them, even though it sounds strange you would wish to, given how much you whined about the lockdown. Still, I truly hope your dream comes true.

        • The measles still kills 100000 children every year. Before the vaccine it killed over a million people some years.

    • That measles “epidemic” also came from the bacteria spread by the WHO/CDC and other criminal Medical organizations from the lab in order to force non-vaxxers to vaccinate. In didn’t help them much because non-vaxxers cannot be fooled.

  2. Doesn’t sound like a pandemic “The total national death toll in June was actually lower in 2020 than in previous years, standing at 2,982, the network said, while the average toll in 2015-2019 was some 3,300.” (Times of Israel) #COVIDー19

    • No one is denying people were niftar and people died from this, what is being questioned, are the numbers reported to us by people in power. When you have the state of Florida misrepresenting numbers of positive cases, it is a problem because that messes every single number up.

        • Not only commentators, probably most open-minded people believe it’s a scamdemic from day 1, planned in Oct. 2019, or maybe even in Jan 2017 when Fauci threatened President Trump with an upcoming epidemic. How does he know? Is he a navi? How can anyone believe in a medical sickness if throughout these months no physicians came on the media to give their reports and updates and we only heard politicians, including Health Ministers who are also politicians? This point alone should wake up everyone!

          • If this were true, that shows President Trump did not consider people would die so that he would stay in power, among them a lot of irreplaceable Yidden. You are just making it crystal clear how much President Trump values human life compared to himself remaining President of the USA. Which BTW, he can be removed from in a moment.

    • Yes people died. But do you know why they died?? Or how they died?? There were no visitors in the hospitals. No one knows what really happened. I’m pretty confident in saying that at least 50% of the deaths were either because of murder negligence or gross negligence. And you have no way of knowing if I’m right or wrong

  3. Tucked away is our concern and answer. One surmises China knows the extent their own research on life ending viruses.

    Can any comment wonder whats going to be this ongoing laughable dangerous world today? We can and will have a high loss from a virus. Even some do not wear masks. I believe they may be at risk. Your rights are your own mask to hope a health.

    In more than now I think that the law does not rage until we pass laws. One has a consitution to reason his right is his choice to wear. I think that the courts might get involved. In much I think that this is just hysteria upon maxim of medicine. A maxim to wage right.

    Too much.

  4. FAUCI IS RIGHT. Coronavirus can be compared to the 1918 epidemic. When 100 million people died in the so-called Spanish Flu it was also manmade. That epidemic came from an experimental vaccine from a medical lab in NY which was injected into soldiers who spread their deadly bacteria in Europe where they helped fight.


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