White House: Hamas To Blame For Gazan Protesters Deaths


The White House on Monday blamed Hamas for the deaths of 52 Palestinian in clashes between protesters and the Israeli military at the border between the Palestinian-controlled Gaza Strip and Israel.

Pressed on whether that means the U.S. advice to Israel is “kill at will,” Shah replied, “We believe that Hamas as an organization is engaged in cynical action that is leading to these deaths.”

The IDF characterized the protests as cover for a “terrorist operation” in which “firebombs and explosive devices” were mixed in with rocks. Read more.




  1. Warning:
    The Surgeon General has determined, that engaging in terrorist activity is detrimental to your health.

  2. I am pretty sure most if not all the gunshot ones are from the protesters themselves. Reports only said tear gas was dropped & other non lethal means of dispersing the protesters. The is really army is not known for shooting into crowds even if it is a crowd of terrorists.


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