White House, President Obama Now Caught Up In ‘Linsanity’

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obamaYou know you’re having a good week when President Barack Obama is abuzz about your sudden rise to fame.

White House spokesman Jay Carney said Wednesday that Obama is tracking the exploits of Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin, the sensation who has spawned “Linsanity” in New York – and across the globe.

“He is very impressed and fully up to speed,” Carney told reporters aboard Air Force One.

The point guard from Harvard has come out of nowhere to lead the team on a winning streak and he’s captured widespread public attention.

Carney said Lin’s game-winning 3-pointer at the end of Tuesday night’s game against Toronto was the subject of conversation with the president aboard Marine One on Wednesday morning.

Obama was on his way to Milwaukee, the start of a three-day trip focused mainly on political fundraising.

Carney said Lin’s success is “just a great story, and the president was saying as much this morning.”

“It’s obviously terrific for the New York Knicks,” said Carney, “but it’s the kind of sports story that transcends the sport itself.”

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  1. I have a feeling Lin will start doing bad in the next few games or so, becaus of the worldwide attention and pressure that they expect out of such a young player.

  2. #2 grow up! It’s a good story and it’s a healthy outlet for yeshiva boys. Not to mention there are so many worse stories that have no shaichos to yiddishkeit.

  3. To #2- any parve kosher news is what we need to put in front of us MOT who read news online. May we and our children be sidetracked by Linsanity and nothing else out there; perhaps we can even be inspired by him too, and I don’t mean to infer that he’s the exclusive source for our inspiration.
    NOW, to the general public—- can’t Obama focus more on his job and if he needs to take breaks just keep it all private. There are so many pictures of him looking un-President like and in doing so he belittles the title for our entire country. With past presidents they publicly only displayed their regal side and once in a while released a jogging picture to assure us of their good health. Obama has got to stop with the hamburger and fries pictures and swatting flies.


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