White House To Brief Pentagon On Transgender Ban Details: Report

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The White House is almost ready to issue guidance to the Pentagon on the implementation of President Trump’s proposal to ban transgender people from serving in the military.

The Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday that a White House memo will direct the Defense Department on details related to Trump’s intention to bar transgender people from being admitted to the military.

Under the new policy, Defense Secretary James Mattis would have to consider a service member’s ability to deploy in deciding whether to remove them from the military. Read more at The Hill.



  1. The military is not for sick people physically or mentally. Those serving in the military ought to work and not be preoccupied with their medical problems. Medical expenses for those serving in the army, is one thing, but transgenders are joining the army as sick people who would cost the taxpayers $70,000 each.

  2. How can they serve America if they can’t accept who the are. Trump wants strong and healthy individuals serving for America.

    I don’t see an issue with that. He’s not ‘against’ transgenders at all.

    This stupid left wing media juice is ruining America and undermining the president everyday.

  3. Transgender individuals are just sanity hard met by an idea that there is a “way out” of a religious life.

    G-d is real. The world is adding more and more abomination and it is not the holiness of Israel that is causing the crime.

    Still, this is the world we live. A fool will see a story about someone else and think he has a right and a priority to do the same.

    The transgenders should not serve if they are physically altered. If they are just in the cross dressing phase maybe there is hope an able bodied soul can serve. I see no reason to do disfiguring military surgery.

    Worry about the human rights. This is Trump’s advance on hate rather than a scientific right to regulate the military. There is no insight from a man whose career was the gambling halls to be made HUGE.

    If we want human strength, follow the biblical right of intellectual advanced science. Trump has no biblical word for our society and he is a terrible leader. I can propose to you that if America survives 4 years or Trump, the transgenders will first be considered im yirtzeh Hashem less likely to get surgery we hope and second if they are able bodied, maybe they can serve under their right gender.

    There is no gender other than the birth gender and a cross dresser is not permitted to wear the cross of his own dress while on active duty. This should not be any problem.

    Scared stars today.


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