White House: Trump Hasn’t Fired Mueller In Part Because Of How The Press Would React

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President Donald Trump hasn’t fired special counsel Robert Mueller partly because of how the press would react to the dismissal, the White House said Tuesday.

Trump and his top aides have routinely slammed the probe as nothing more than a witch hunt or a hoax, leading some to question why he hasn’t fired Mueller in the first place. But the White House appears keenly aware that any attempt to get rid of Mueller could create a massive public relations headache that could envelop the administration.

“Look, we want to see this come to a complete and full conclusion,” said White House press secretary Sarah Sanders. “I think we all know what everybody in this room would do if the President did that, and I don’t think that is helpful to the process.”

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  1. President Trump, who awarded the press for their fake news, is the last person to give a hoot how the press would react to anything he does or says. This is certainly not the reason for his not firing Corrupt Mueller, but what can you expect from CNN Fake News?

  2. Mueller as FBI director in 2001 helped cover up the 9/11 probe should himself be investigated and he’s the one investigating the Russian nonsense? When will government corruption end?

    • Yes, he’s a holdover from the Bush organized crime family. The Bush’s are not Rinos. They are a lot worse than democrats. It’s always been about the oil.

      • Re: Why did Bush allow the Saudis off the hook?
        Because why should the Saudis who were only officially for the media suffer because of the CIA mafia destroyers of America?


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