White House Urges Roy Moore To Concede, As Supporters Look For Evidence Of ‘Voter Fraud’

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Two days after losing Alabama’s special Senate election, Republican nominee Roy Moore has yet to concede the race to Democrat Doug Jones – even after White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said that he should.

“I think the president’s position is pretty clear in his outreach to Doug Jones directly,” Sanders said at Thursday’s briefing with reporters. “He likes Doug Jones and looks forward to meeting him in person. and hopes that he will come and follow through on his commitment to work with the president on some things that they agree on.”

Asked if President Donald Trump believed that Moore should give a concession speech, Sanders said that it “should have already taken place.”

But Moore, who suggested on election night that the race would go to a recount, said in a Wednesday web video that late-counted ballots could change the results of the election.

“We have not received the final count to include military and provisional ballots,” Moore said. “This has been a very close race, and we are awaiting certification by the secretary of state.”

Moore, who lost by 20,715 votes, is not in a position to ask for a recount. Alabama law does not trigger a recount unless the margin between two candidates is less than 0.5 percent; according to the latest count by the Associated Press, the margin between Jones and Moore is 1.5 percent.

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  1. Why should he concede if he most likely won after removing all the fraud?
    -The 421st precinct obtained nearly 26,000 votes for Doug Jones in an area with only 1100 residents!
    -Momentarily Moore is already in the lead by more than 300 votes after some fraudulent votes were thrown out.
    -Thousands of felons across the state were allowed to vote.
    -People bused in from other states.
    -The Supreme Court allowed destroying the electronic ballots.
    Cheating apparently is the only way the Dems can win.

    • Very well said; Roy Moore should ABSOLUTELY NOT concede!!!!!!!! He should demand a true recount, which, Lord Willing, will glaringly show the truth that he was the candidate who won!!

      That (instead) with such obvious totally false votes the wicked Doug Jones is declared and accepted as the winner shows that, very tragically, our votes do not really matter as our country is no longer a democracy of a government by (the representatives of) the people. Instead, our so-called “representatives” and our leaders are being chosen “for us” by the severely wicked operatives and henchmen of the one government world cartel. (Yes, of course, operating completely secretly behind the scenes, they are the “real” “government” that is running the show!)

      • Exactly! And this was their plans with Hillary. The CIA, NSA, Deep State and Obama had it all planned out but miscalculated with too little fraud. They didn’t expect only 15% of the public would actually vote for her. They’re eating themselves up now and desperately want to remove him from office, by impeachment or assassination – whatever comes first. May Hashem protect him and save him.

        • Yes, that is exactly right! It is to be expected that any person who dares to think about what is really the truth and thus does not bow down to the fabricated propaganda of the wicked media and the so-called “politically correct” juggernaut and the other offshoots of so-called “modern” society’s networks, that person will be called “psychotic” and/or “nuts” and/or “a lunatic” and/or “un-moored” and/or other such titles.


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