White House Wants Gaza Ceasefire ‘With Or Without The PA’

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The White House hopes to see a long-term ceasefire between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip, with or without Palestinian Authority (PA) support, a Trump administration official told Haaretz on Monday.

The current US administration would view a PA return to Gaza favorably, but in the event that the PA is not involved, it will still support a viable ceasefire agreement, the official stated.

“We would like to see an end to fighting with or without the PA,” but the administration would prefer “if the PA reasserts control in Gaza so we can get on with making lives better.”

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  1. “The White House” aka The Deep State and NOT the President.
    “a Trump administration” probably the Snake Paul Ryan or another RhINO official told Haaretz

  2. I guess they want Israel to seize fire and the PA still firing, plus balloons, plus kites, but that Israel better strop trying to protect themselves. Since when does Israel take orders from the US oh yes I forgot Israel is the banana republic of the US and they have to bow to the master.


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