Who Is Terrorizing Yeshiva Children in Boro Park?

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terrorizing-kids-boro-parkBy Dov Hikind

Parents of yeshiva children just came to my office to inform me that for more than a week, a man has been following their school bus and then waiting for children to exit so he can photograph them. He is seen frequently on 18th Avenue waiting for 6th grade boys to enter their yeshiva and both the children are their parents are frightened. The drives a van with NY license plate GFV-5406.

I just spoke with the principal of the school as well as the commander at the 66th Police precinct. We’ll get to the bottom of this.

We expect to release a video soon.

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  1. the police were talking to this man today and looking at his van – on 49th between 17 & 18 avenues. some frum person was taking pictures of the van – does anyone know what happened later? the guy looks like an Arab

  2. Let’s lets run to dovs office or call shomrim has anyone complained to police asked investigate. Probably not. By the time they wake up and realize this is a police matter it maybe to late like not calling police for several hours on developers disappearance

  3. To “Reformed democrat” even if the police would have been called the minute the wife tried to call her husband the police would have said you cannot file a lost person complaint on an adult until 24 hrs after he went missing so they called shomrim who did a little investigation and then called the police who now listened because they had the evidence.

  4. I just spoke with the principal of the school **as well as the commander at the 66th Police precinct** which part of that sentence didn’t you understand ?

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