Why Are You Not in Kirestir?

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Hundreds are flying to Kirestir, Hungary to daven at the tzion of R’ Shayale Kirestir during his 94th yahrtzeit. But thousands more will be there in spirit having partnered with R’ Shayale in his legacy of chesed. Rav Lehoshia, founded by the grandchildren of R’ Shayale have been continuing to feed the hungry and poor of Eretz Yisroel.  With baby formula distributions, soup kitchens and tomchei Shabbos projects, Rav Lehoshia ensures that no yid, no matter how young or old, will go hungry.

R’ Shayale famously said, “If the maasei chesed continues, so will the yeshuos.” Donors have reported miraculous stories. From business success to shidduchim, hundreds have seen the results of partnering with R’ Shayale.

Rav Lehoshia has therefore made it possible for people to participate in many different ways. First, the grandchildren of R’ Shayale are hosting yahrtzeit seudahs in 9 locations. From New York to Antwerp, yidden are gathering to commemorate the tzadik’s legacy and give their heartfelt donation.

At the kever as well, Rav Lehoshia has prepared a massive tent with hot drinks, snacks and refreshments to welcome visitors. But those who cannot be there physically, can be there in spirit with their “Yeshua” partnership – the numerical value of $391. So many have partnered this year, that Rav Lehoshia is sending an entire emissary of ehrliche yidden to daven on the donors’ behalf.

For those who cannot make it to a yahrtzeit seudah or to the kever, Rav Lehoshia has set up a user-friendly phone line and online portal that will handle your donations from any corner of the world. Whether you are interested in the revered kamaye or to simply send a kvittel to Kirestir, you can easily do so by visiting www.ravlehoshia.org.

May the zechus of the tzaddik be a meilitz yosher for all of us.


  1. I am not there because I don’t think that running to Europe for every yahrziet is a proper way to spend my money. Isn’t paying tuition more important? I hope that the people who went have no chovos and are fully paid up on their tuition.

  2. I’m not in kerestier cause I just came back from lizensk and am going to meron. So I had to stay in the us just to earn enough to pay my ticket to isreal

  3. this is what yidishkeit has become
    kerestir segulas kupat hair tehilim kollel chatzos kollel
    you cant say your own tehilim, you are not allowed to learn

  4. You can light a candle and learn l’ illu nishmas the neshama…Im sure they would appreciate that more than the whole shebang….

  5. So again.. this is all another fundraiser.
    You can feed the hungry..have guest at your table, do lots of chessed l’ illu his neshama. You can do it from any place in the world you live…

    • Why are you using internet in a beis medrash? And if you aren’t, k’shot atzmecha techila! And there is a beis edrash in kerestir.

  6. There is a fantastic yeshus brought down in the heilige seforim. The posuk Tzedka tatzel mimoves has a gematria of about $2,500, so if you send me that money, it will help me pay for tuition for my children, AND save you from death.
    Please make checks out to Chaya And Shloimie Hersh.
    or for short, C.A.S.H.


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