Why Did Rabbi Wallerstein Want to Be Buried With His Tallis Bag?

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Rabbi Zechariah Wallerstein z”l was a visionary. He was the founder of Ohr Naava, as well as Tiferes Bnos Yisroel Seminary, Ateres Miriam Seminary, Bnot Chaya Academy, Hakaras Hatov Initiative, Ohr Naava Shidduch Initiative, the Yutta Zicherman Crisis Center for Intervention, and the Ranch at Bethel.

He did so much for chinuch, kiruv, and Klal Yisroel in general.

Before his passing, he asked that he be buried with his tallis bag, seen above. Why?

The explanation is astounding.

Rabbi Wallerstein proudly had a collection of nose rings and other rings and piercings that he placed in and on his tallis bag. These were rings that he convinced courageous girls to remove – forever. He inspired them to turn over a new leaf and leave their rings and piercings behind, as they drew closer to Hakadosh Boruch Hu.

And that is why he wished to be buried with that special tallis bag. Those rings were – and are – indeed priceless, a testament to a lifetime of influence and inspiration, drawing neshamah after neshamah back to their source.



  1. A. The minhag is not to bury people with anything metal.
    B. Noserings are assur? Jewish women have been piercing their ears and noses in complete accordance with Jewish law and local beauty standards since very ancient times. There are references in the Tanach to women wearing earrings and nose rings, and being given such jewelry as engagement gifts. In European communities, nose rings weren’t worn since they didn’t coincide with European fashions—but Jewish women in some Middle Eastern and Indian communities certainly wore them. Many dati girls in Israel have noserings.

    • Ask any honest FFB Jewish girl who displays a nose ring, or other far more disturbing piercings in our current culture if she is wearing it for beauty.
      He knew quite well that it is a reflection of anti establishment behavior, to cover up for pain, and to maintain distance from others, perceived as threatening to their fragile identities.
      He devoted his life to building and strengthening the self esteem of those girls.
      There is a video where he explains that he first came up with this as a deal with a girl to remove her tongue ring.
      Yehi Zichro Boruch

    • As far as I know some of these were tongue rings and piercings from other random parts of the face/body.Was that also minhag yisroel where you grew up?

  2. These days even “emes” is sheker. The concept of a one stone mizbayach was beloved in the eyes of Hashem during the times of the avos but after it was used by the worshippers of idols it became disgusting in His eyes. (Rashi) Now nose rings and other piercings are used by the worst of humankind therefore it is disgusting in the eyes of Hashem.

  3. We live in times of turbulence and discontent, even though today’s times are easier monetarily.
    We have so much illness, children at risk and people not paying attention to anything other than their devices.
    May Hashem have rachmones on us.
    Hashem took another great person that can never be replaced.
    I am so sad to hear of his demise.


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