Why Do We Eat Hamantashin On Purim?

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hamantashenTraditionally, Hamantashin were filled with poppy seeds called “monn” in Yiddish, spelled Mem Hey Nun, which spells Haman. The three corners represent the three Avos. When Haman saw the three Avos, his power waned. The corners are based on the pasuk, “V’chol karnei resha’im agadei’a – I will uproot the ‘corners’ of wickedness.” This is what the Minhag Yisroel Torah (OC 695:5) brings from the Sefer Matamin.He also brings from the Yafeh L’Lev that there was a minhag to eat cheese and dairy products just like on Shavuos since the Gemara in Shabbos says that the Bnei Yisroel accepted the Torah by coercion at Har Sinai and only in the time of Achashveirosh did they accept it with their free will.

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  1. Where do you even begin with this one?
    A Yiddish word, monn, spells “Haman”…ok, 1,000 year old cookie minhag at most, since that’s how old Yiddish is. But Haman saw the cookies Jews were eating? His power waned when he saw a three cornered cookie? Because he learned pshat that it represented the avos?Filled with a Yidish word for poppy seeds?
    I GIVE UP.


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