Why Election Results May Be Delayed This Year

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  1. We are still hopeful. Even the blacks enjoy Trump. I see BLM clothing everywhere. Milk and honey. They get freedom to invest. New dry change. National movement? Every want is met. Vague rash buggy people. If Donald T. gets stronger, its because Israel sees Blacks with new clothing. We say grass casing. The heart is swollen by its grab. Drive me a check. The RNC opens cradles to mundane dreaming hugs. Ours.

  2. If in 2016 Trump won over 81%. It’s impossible Biden should have won any state. His rallies of maximum 2 dozen people clearly shows that it’s impossible he should win less than 95%. If Clinton ended up with 12%, how in the world can anyone believe that a a retarded criminal Biden would have more than 2%?


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