Why Is The Flu So Deadly This Year?

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The flu season is getting worse. This is the first time all states in the entire continental U.S. have reported widespread flu activity during the same week. Here’s why this year’s flu season is so severe.




  1. Oh geez. I wonder what the School administrators have to say now, after they forced all the children to be subject to the worthless flu shot. How much more proof do we need that these clueless administrators and their enabling parents, are ill informed?

  2. Immune systems are weaker from trying to fight the other poisoned vaccines forced on all ages, especially infants and elderly, in addition to the poisons in our food, water, and air.

  3. Did I hear correctly? At best the vaccine is 30% effective, and this year only 10%??? For that small chance – less than 50-50 – I should expose my loved ones to the risks of the vaccine??? Kidney failure, anyone? There are other ways to lower one’s chances of catching the flu, and other sicknesses. Stop overeating, stop eating garbage, eat healthy, unprocessed foods in moderate quantities, don’t smoke, be physically active, get enough sleep. That’s the way Hashem made us.

  4. which school makes u get the flu shot ??? you guys are clueless! life saving vaccines that have changed our world forever ( for those old enough to remember polio, measels…) thats what schools make u take . i am a head counselor of a big camp and we fired a rebbe & his family for not vaccinating. how did we know ? well hatzoloh took the 2 year old in to columbia on friday night …….NEVER WILL WE ACCEPT any child not vaccinated , nor do a shidduch with a family that doesnt vaccinate – reckless

  5. The Administrators are 100% correct in insisting that ALL children and teachers get their vaccinations
    They should put all the children, teachers, and pregnant teachers at risk for your stupidity ?!!
    You have no right to put your own kids at risk, but if you do, you will have to live with your conscience c”v
    But no one else should have to even take a chance because of you

    • That’s okay. I see you’ve been totally brainwashed by the multi billion dollar pharmaceutical companies.

  6. For all of you who are vaccinated, what do you care that others are not? Are you afraid of catching something? Then I guess your vaccine is useless.
    Also, most flu shots have mercury. We are not allowed to throw mercury in the trash but corrupt board of health allows it to be injected into the blood of children and elderly.
    Also, the body is prepared to fight a foreign intruder in the respiratory or digestive track because it is part of daily life. Not so with the blood. Such an invasion can traumatize the body.
    Also, disease has declined at the same time as progress of indoor plumbing. Therefore, no proof that vaccines are due credit. Especially when we all know the pharmaceutical companies are urging for mandated vaccines to make money from the healthy. Their greed has no limit.

  7. Ruby and Azoiy
    just curious how much time you each independently researched vaccines? this does not include time spent drinking the cool-aid your doctors and/or the CDC serve up

    ok good, so now after all that time doing all that independent research can you point to one study that proves that unvaccinated people pose a risk to the vaccinated population? articles about the herd immunity “theory” (theory as in theory of evolution, as in not proven by scientific proof ) do not meet the definition of scientific proof

    Ok can you also point to any research that shows that vaccinated people pose risk to unvaccinated? hint: look at the studies the FDA did a couple of years trying to understand why there was an increase in pertusiss cases another hint:it was because with the DTAP vaccine -the acellular pertussis vaccine , the pertussis actually lingers in the patient that received the vaccine for 6 weeks with the possibility of shedding or infecting other people so vaccine=spreading the disease. these are FDA findings not Dr. Wakefield so i’m not sure how you are going to argue this one but i can’t wait to see.

    finally @Ruby – for the record measles is not a life threatening disease. you probably don’t remember when everyone used to get this and was sick for a week and recovered. more people die and are maimed for life by the MMR than by measles Hint: all the scares of measles outbreaks in recent years did those result in any deaths?

    Problem is we are a bunch of sheep being lead to the slaughter, no one bothers to ask the basic questions like why would i take the flu vaccine which has formaldehyde and possibly thimerasol (depending on the manufacturer) if it doesn’t work anyway? answer: because the drug companies make money off of them even if they don’t work but only if you get vaccinated helloooooo


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