Why Voting for Hillary is a Grave Chillul Hashem

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Dear Editor@Matzav.com,

I’ve read so much about this presidential election and why people support this candidate or that one.

I have spoken to literally thousands of people, including rabbonim, about this issue over the last year. I am sharing my findings here on Matzav.com.

At the end of the day, every frum Jew must vote for Donald Trump. There are no two ways about it. The reasons are simple:

1) Hillary Clinton and her party support non-traditional marriage, which is referred to by the Torah as toeivah. The Republican Party is the only hope for any form of governmental support for traditional marriage.

2) Hillary Clinton supports abortion, the killing of babies, even during the third trimester, when a baby can survive outside the womb. She supports murder. Donald Trump is pro-life. The Republican Party understands the sanctity of life.

3) Donald Trump will appoint Supreme Court judges with a conservative bent, whose values are closer to those of a frum Jew than those of the judges Hillary would appoint, who would be liberal, left-leaning judges who would sanction immorality and so much more. Hillary’s judges would set the trajectory of the United States on an awful path that could cause unfixable damage to the culture of the country for literally decades.

For these three reasons alone, one’s vote must go to Donald Trump.

Of course, in my conversations, some people have brought up the issue of personal morality. Those people who think that Hillary and her family are more moral or ethical than Trump simply because Trump has been more vocal in this regard, or more brash, or more publicly vulgar, are fooling themselves. What these candidates do in their personal lives is not a determinant in who to vote for. The three factors mentioned above are.

Practically, beyond the three reasons mentioned above, there are some other factors, including: 1) Hillary’s cozying up to the Palestinians, including Suha Arafat, and the revelations via WikiLeaks that her support of Israel isn’t what she makes it out to be, and 2) the disaster that is Obamacare, which, I can tell you from speaking to those in the insurance field, has caused untold financial damage to families in the frum community, who are paying through their nose to ensure that their families have adequate healthcare. This is all thanks to Barack Obama, whose health care disaster will be continued by Hillary Clinton. Trump will repeal this shameful healthcare program that is wreaking havoc on hardworking frum families.

There is more to say and many more reasons to vote for Trump, but, in truth, nothing more need be said. Everything written above is more than enough of a reason why a frum Jew must vote for Trump, and those religious Jews who actually vote for Hillary are betraying their own faith, betraying their fellow Jews, and actually committing a grave chillul Hashem.


CB Frommer



  1. Yeah, because the Torah says we must legislate what’s in the Torah for all people, including 98% of the country, who aren’t Jewish. We don’t live in a Jewish country. Its a chilul hashem to postulate that everyone else in this country must live by YOUR beliefs. Assuming this letter isn’t a joke, what an absurd letter.

    Also, because Bill Clinton may have been immoral doesn’t mean it cancels out Donald Trump’s immorality. That’s one of the most ridiculous things I’ve read on here. Bill Clinton is not running for President.

    Do you even know what a “Chilul Hashem” means?

    • Actually we do have a obligation to promote the שבע מצות בני נח to the best of our ability. Voting democrat is actively voting against the mitzvos. Voting Republican is voting that the law of the land is closer to fulfilling them (or at least farther from transgressing [some of] them). This applies especially to the 7th mitzvah that they have – to appoint lawmakers and judges to enforce the 7 mitzvos. וד”ל
      Although Trump’s immorality is disgusting, as well as Bill Clinton’s, this does not change the above.

  2. It should also be pointed out, that Donald Trump is inherently a nice, caring person, whereas, Hillary Clinton is known to be a corrupt, evil, self serving individual who only cares about self-promotion and nothing else. All her supporters are blind to this. Hashem Yeracheim if she wins…

  3. 1) Donald Trump supports “marriage” for deplorable s and for mushchasim. Sorry, voting for Trump is the same chilull Hashem in that department.

    2) The christian position on abortion is far different than the Torah’s position on the matter. Using this as your reason to choose a candidate is a chilull Hashem. We do not give legitimacy to avaoda zara.

    3) Reality check: Do the majority of Frum Yidden reside in states that are clearly going to one candidate? Yes!Very few Frum Yidden live in battleground states Nevertheless, it is important for Yidden to vote for many reasons. However, a reason that is not directly associated with a candidate’s platform and position, in a state where your vote will absolutely not change the outcome of the election, it is not a sufficient reason to choose a candidate. To call it a basis for a chilull Hashem, is a chilull Hashem in it’s own right!
    (A) You may not swear with Hashem’s name without sufficient reason.
    (B) You may not even say Hashem’s name without sufficient reason.
    (C) Invoking chilull Hashem when you aren’t concerned about Hashem’s honor, but your concern is about your honor, is a true chilull Hashem.

    I would like Trump to win. Just don’t lie and think that you may call those who don’t do what you want them to into a “chilull…..” Because then you would be making a chilull Hashem. And as you said, that is a pretty bad thing.

  4. The most uneducated, pathetic thing I’ve read on matzav. No chillul HaShem voting for a menuval and proud of it.

    Keep chillul HaShem out of this.

  5. Most uneducated and pathetic artical I’ve read on Matziv.

    What about those urging o vote for John Corzine – the slew pro same S marriage governor.

    What about voting for Tump – a vulgar menuval and proud of it. No ” Chilliul HaShem”?

    Keep your opinions to the coffee room where you’re hanging out to much apparently…

  6. Forgot to tell you , but the US is not a theocracy. You may personally abhor abortion, and toeivah but that should not be the law of the land. One’s personal beliefs should not rule a country or else we land up with 1 religion ruling and guess what –Judaism ain’t going to win. You comment in the articl “What these candidates do in their personal lives is not a determinant in who to vote for”….so is it or isn’t it? You can’t have it both ways! The jewish community should feel most accepted and comfortable when any religion and beliefs are encouraged and accepted. Both candidates have strong reasons for not voting for them but it is clearly not “EVERY JEW MUST VOTE FOR TRUMP!”

    • R’ Avigdor Miller wrote in a full page editorial in 1980 excoriating Democratic President Carter and demanded that all orthodox vote AND actively work for his defeat
      In the editorial he wrote voting for the Libertarian candidate is much worse than voting Jimmy Carter

      • For the Record ,the US

        Congress passed a resolution in 1991 promoting the 7 Noachides,so it was supposed to be part of the
        national fabric

  7. Remember a short six years ago only (astonishing ), States that previously held referenda on marriage had the record then in favor of Retaining Traditional marriage 31-0 !!

    The non-jews, in their guts sense that , as VP Joe Biden proclaimed, it is primarily jewish influence[media,etc.] who are responsible for the seismic social quake ,and it’s starting to combust

  8. SMH,etc.

    ” the law of the land”

    That is probably we’re in this world for !

    To change it!

    And if it comes to it,

    Ever heard of civil Disobedience?!

    What did the refuseniks do?

    Might it be conceivable that some take Judaism as seriously as it is intended?
    Perhaps try a different milieu,you will be somewhat less to accost with as great frequency.

  9. Chochom,SMH,etc.,

    Without getting into the [De]merits of voting for Trump..

    What was your whole davening on Rosh hashana about?!

    Do you ch”v just mouth the words?

    Upholding Basic moral Values is a prerequisite for, and comes prior to Malchus Shamayim

    cf. Yirmiyahu 2:13 comm.

    We are in this world for the purpose of Malchus Shamayim i.e. Bringing moshiach
    That is all .

    The problem is there are many (mouthing piousness ) whose goals are .. different

    There are even more who however well meaning, are cop-outs essentially

    cf. last verse of Psalm 123 comm.

  10. “Human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable… Every step toward the goal of justice requires sacrifice, suffering, and struggle; the tireless exertions and passionate concern of dedicated individuals.”

  11. Spoiler alert: religious beliefs should not and must not influence public policy. First amendment.

    And just to respond to the individual points:

    1) Your beliefs regarding the nature of the secular institution of marriage are irrelevant. Marriage in the US is not a religious institution. Religious marriage is unaffected by altering the definition of legal marriage.

    2) Your belief that women do not have bodily autonomy are irrelevant. Moreover, third trimester abortions are performed only when the fetus is not viable and/or the life of the mother are at risk. And the Republican party understand the sanctity of life so well that they condone torture, gun access, police killings, war, and for-profit healthcare. Don’t make us laugh.

    3) Voting to judicially impose your personal or religious beliefs on the rest of us is a travesty of democracy.

    I hope you are at least vaguely aware that the entire developed world is looking at the US in unflattering disbelief that Trump is even a viable candidate, let alone that people will defend him so vigorously.

    • Spoiler alert:The Founding fathers ,The framers of the First amendment, held the Opposite .
      religious beliefs should and must influence public policy.

      Retake Politics 101

      Franklin’s quote of psalm 127:1 at the close of the Convention

      Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.
      John Adams

  12. For a neutralist secular leaning standpoint?

    “A nation, as a society, forms a moral person, and every member of it is personally responsible for his society.”

    Thomas Jefferson

  13. It could be we have to vote for Trump. But I hate the fact the fact that everyone is pumped about voting for that mushches. It should be nebach leider leider we unfortunately have to vote for him.Nebach that we have to vote for someone who is such a sick person.

  14. We must vote Trump. Look what happened in Oregon where a religious Christian couple owning a small bakery refused to bake a cake for a same gender toeiva couple. They were fined 135 thousand dollars and forced to close the bakery. Imagine if the Supreme Court gets a liberal majority and starts closing yeshivas who refuse to teach evolution and toieva behavior. Wedding halls and every industry by frum yidden will be in danger. They can out law metziah bapeh and even circumcision itself. Go travel with newborn babies to make a bris in Canada. You think it’s not going to happen. Listen to these crazy activist liberal judges. Wake up. Vote Trump.

  15. Voting for either candidate neither means that you would want their poster overlooking an infant’s cradle or in your sukkah as a role model, but as the lesser of two evils. Kiddush HaShem and Chillul HaShem should be reserved for instances that fit the definition of the same .

  16. Voting for either candidate neither means that you would want their poster overlooking an infant’s cradle or in your sukkah as a role model, but as the lesser of two evils. Kiddush HaShem and Chillul HaShem should be reserved for instances that fit the definition of the same .

  17. BEL – Actually you are incorrect: Non-Jews are just as obligated. And there is nothing wrong with voting for a candidate whose values are consonant with your own. You can vote for whoever you want for whatever reason you want in a democracy. Everyone votes for a candidate for reasons and policies that not everyone else in the country agrees with, that’s not “postulating that everyone else in this country must live by YOUR beliefs”, that’s just democracy.

  18. Chillul Hashem?????? No I don’t like Clinton and her liberal policies, But I think voting for a bombastic egomaniac is a bigger chillul Hashem!!! Trump has zero experience in both local and international affairs. I predict within the first 100 days he’s going to insult some world leader, pick a fight with some congressman or senator and finally be impeached. I vote for_______________________

  19. It seems a lot of people posting here don’t know the true meaning of Chilul H-shem.
    Anyone going in that voting booth on Nov 8th and pulling the lever for Hillary Clinton – a mushchas by her own right whom along with the Democratic party have positions that are in violation of the Holy Torah and have ideals that are not what us yidden stand for – anyone going in that booth and voting for her – even if no one will ever know whom that person voted for- that person is Mechalel Sheim Shomayim, end of story!

  20. It seems a lot of people posting here don’t know the true meaning of Chilul H-shem.
    Anyone going in that voting booth on Nov 8th and pulling the lever for a mushchas like Hillary Clinton – whom along with the Democratic party have positions that are in grave violation of the Holy Torah and have ideals that are not what us yidden stand for – anyone who can vote for such a person regardless if anyone will ever know or not, that person has caused a massive Chilul H-shem and has caused the RSO tzaar….. end of story!

  21. Warning

    Addition to 2016 Democratic Party Platform: Supporting the removal of (gender,etc.)
    exemptions for religious and other institutions

  22. If you do use our bathrooms, please put down the lid on the toilet when you finish.

  23. What a corrupt misrepresentation of Yidishkeit, all in the name of furthering political aims.

    No one party has a monopoly on Torah values, yet it typifies the narrow minded insular Jew, to prioritise the fear that a largely non-Jewish population will increase in the Issurei Deoritah above all else.

    Vote for a self absorbed, deluded, violent, abusive, molestestng, racist dicrater all you like. But don’t tell me it’s because your frum.

    On a practical level it is naive to believe that Trump’s policies will bring a population who treasure personal liberty above all else, to a more Torah-true place, people will engage in whatever they want to, and live in whatever state they want to behind closed doors, with or without official approval.

    But far more importantly, to derride Democrat values as unfrum is absurd, if one can see past their daled amot, the attempts to provide a safety net for the most needy in society, a driving force found in Hilarys campaign and lacking in Trumps, aligns with our fundamental values as frum yirei shamayim yidden. That is the message of the later neviim.

    • which denomination do you practice?!

      So you admit that your religion is nothing more than what’s in your kitchen, and maybe your synagogue ?!

      ..What will happen [and it already is]when people switch gender and choose to switch to the other side of the mechitzah?

      • i know the person who made this comment and he’s currently learning in an orthodox and serious yeshiva. it’s disgraceful that you try to try to attack him personally and undermine his yiddishkeit rather than respond to a single point he made.
        Also I’m not sure what will happen when people switch sides of the mechitzah? Maybe the Jewish world will collapse before our eyes.

        • With this in mind, let me quote R. Kook that I have referred to before. It appears in Shemonah Kevatzim 1:75

          Yir’at Shamayim—fear of heaven—may not supplant the natural sense of morality of a person, for in that case it is not a pure Yir’at Shamayim. The signpost for a pure Yir’at Shamayim is when the natural sense of morality (המוסר הטבעי) that is extant in the straightforward nature of man is improved and elevated by it more than it would have been without it. But if one were to imagine a kind of Yir’at Shamayim that without its input, life would tend to do well and bring to fruition things that benefit the community and the individual, and furthermore, under its influence less of those things would come to fruition, such a Yir’at Shamayim is wrong.

          האנשים הטבעיים שאינם מלומדים, יש להם יתרון בהרבה דברים על המלומדים, בזה שלא נתטשטש אצלם השכל הטבעי והמוסר העצמי על ידי השגיאות העולות מהלימודים, ועל ידי
          חלישות הכחות וההתקצפות הבאה על ידי העול הלימודי.

      • Hi Cohen,

        Very classic response that you find it impossible to believe that anyone who holds different political views to you could possibly share a religious platform (to be fair I’m assuming although perhaps this is incorrect that you are Orthadox). I’m an Orthadox Jewish male, in full time learning, and have been and will be for quite a while.

        And no I don’t admit that my religious is limited to those arenas (see Democrat point above), but I also don’t think that my religion (our religion) necessitates voting for Trump, and I definitely don’t think there is any legitimate basis ANYWHERE to substantiate the claim that voting for Hillary is a Chillul Hashem. And further, to claim that there is angers me because this represents our religion.

        The last point your making makes so many assumptions in order to associate it with the political vote happening now. And I echo my problems with thinking that way and missing so much that’s relevant to this election which I wrote above. The fact that you have cold sweats over mixed dancing, and do not allow starvation, police brutality, abuse, etc into your cheshbon, speaks volumes.

      • I refer you to my previous comment about your disbelief that difference of opinion can be tolerated in Judaism.

        And Chapter 11 comes when we are unable to see the primary issues, because we’re so blinded by the risk of mixed dancing.

  24. jj,Rf,

    You seem to conclude that all or any of the above presumes support for Trump?

    How so?

    “Very classic response that you find it impossible to believe that anyone who holds different political views”

    How about communism,Ayn Rand anarchism,
    .. anything goes? Everything is mutar?

    ” the attempts to provide a safety net for the most needy in society”
    “starvation, police brutality, abuse, etc into your cheshbon, speaks volumes.”

    But are we?!

    Your concern is laudable and wonderful
    On this[ ,to your surprise]we do agree
    you would deserve accolades, if only we were in a vacuum.

    But are we?!

    [The biggest source for trump’s success was the conservative establishment

    was too long, too uncaring for their underclass]

    “Mixed dancing” ??
    Would you tell us somehow how that comes in?

  25. if you are as you claim, a person of compassion then you don’t want our Creator to be angry with us. What we cannot help, we cannot help. He will not be angry at religious and moral people if they were not able to stand on the seashore and stop the tide from rolling in. However, if we do not try, then indeed we too may be held accountable


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