Wiesenthal Center Grants Nikki Haley Humanitarian Laureate Award


The Simon Wiesenthal Center awarded former US ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley with its highest honor – the Humanitarian Laureate Award – at its Midwest Region’s 2019 Spirit of Courage Benefit dinner in Chicago on Thursday.

The award was granted to her by Rabbi Marvin Hier for her “courage and compassion in protecting global human rights and the State of Israel,” the Wiesenthal Center wrote in a press release.

“Nikki Haley personifies the legacy of Simon Wiesenthal, who reminded the world that freedom is not a gift from heaven, rather, it is something that we must fight for each and every day,” said Rabbi Marvin Hier, founder and dean of the Simon Weisenthal Center.

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  1. Buy me more tickets. Fighting antisemitism is too keen. Just TELL THE WORLD.

    HOW WILLING. AMAZING. Bucks spent. Dreams and big phone calls.

    And Nikki can oblige. The great man has a photo op and we can think of his wonderful universe today.

    Where is the Torah? Does a king remit to health. A good culture. Men of kosher earning and life. Are we protected by “rabbi” Marvin Heir? I see no peyot or plan.

    Cool beans. My arab neighbor says that. I get to have humor. He is not living on my land in Jerusalem. Good day. ADL cool dreams too. Wheres the kosher. I have to eat.


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