Wikileaks and the Internet Get Nobel Peace Prize Nominations


wikileaksIt’s a record year for Nobel Peace Prize nominations and two of those up for the nod from the Nobel Committee are Wikileaks and…The Internet. The deadline for nominations was Monday. According to Reuters, there are a record 241 nominations for the prize this year.A Norwegian lawmaker, Snorre Valen, announced that he nominated Wikileaks for the prize earlier this month and said “It would be a crime to ban or oppose the right to publish such information. It should instead be protected, regardless of what we might think of the contents of some (or even all) of the published material.”

The move to nominate the Internet was started by Wired Italy, in 2009 and has been backed by One Laptop Per Child founder Nicholas Negroponte.

Any member of a national parliament, professors of political science or law, or previous winner of the prize may nominate a person or organization for the prize. Nominees are not announced, though individuals are allowed to disclose their nominations.

{Washington Post/ Newscenter}


  1. Freedom and expression of information is the foundation of any democracy and he who denies it to others deserves it not for himself.

    Thomas Jefferson.

  2. Al Gore has absolutely nothing to do with the invention of the Internet.

    Credit must go to the British Sir Berners.

  3. My previous message appears to have been badly edited.

    The operative message was “Credit must go to (British) Sir Tim Berners-Lee”.


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