WILD: College Student Complained That Soap Dispensers Are Racist

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A student at the University of California, Los Angeles suggested that hand soap dispensers are the latest form of systemic racism, according to her peer.

Sullivan Israel, a civil engineering student, recounted a debate he attended by his school’s Republican group in which a black student said automatic dispensers did not take to her because of the color of her skin.

“As one UCLA student claimed during the debate, automatic soap dispensers ‘don’t see her hands’ due to the dark pigment of her skin,” Israel wrote in the College Fix. “As another student reiterated, soap dispensers are racist because they force ‘black and brown bodies’ to show their palms — ‘the only light areas of the skin’ — in order to get soap out.”

However, automated soap dispensers use a motion detector that triggers the soap to fall, rather than a detection mechanism determined by the color of someone’s skin.

Read more at Washington Examiner.



  1. I agree that this is racist. Joe Biden is a priviliged white draft dodging racist who must resign. He should be replaced immediately by a real black female, preferably Maxine Waters

  2. The Purell soap dispensers only dispense soap where it can cleanse. These students minds are so filthy – the dispenser refuses to even try to cleanse them.

  3. let’s see how this country is going to capitulate to this college student. this country, and i do repeat, has lost its mind

  4. A black kid asks his mother, “Mama, what’s a Democracy?”
    “Well, son, that’s when white folks work every day so we can get all our benefits. You know… like government grants, RDP housing, free health care, HIV medications, land, electricity, water, education… the list goes on and on, you know”.
    “But Mama, don’t the white people get annoyed about that?”
    “Sure they do, Son! But that’s called racism!

  5. American flag is racist. It doesn’t contain any black stripes or brown stars.
    Let’s change that to an all inclusive pirate pendant.


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