WILD: Fmr. Chief Of Staff Reveals: ‘IDF Killed Hundreds Of ISIS Fighters’

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Former Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) Chief of Staff, Member of Knesset (MK) Gadi Eisenkot, disclosed an intriguing account during a speech at the prestigious Institute for National Security Studies (INSS) on Sunday. In his address, Eisenkot shed light on a crucial episode that unfolded in 2015, when Israel received a request to launch an operation against the notorious terrorist organization, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). Emphasizing the gravity of the situation, Eisenkot stated, “We struck, and we managed to hit a lot of ISIS men.”

Delving further into the intensity and complexity of the battle against ISIS, the former IDF Chief highlighted that the conflict extended beyond the borders of a single nation, spanning various countries. Remarkably, the outcomes achieved in certain locations surpassed all expectations, stretching the limits of the imagination with regard to the nature and success of the missions and attacks carried out. Eisenkot pointed out that some of these operations remained concealed from public awareness. Significantly, the military apparatus played a pivotal role in combating the extremist group, with contributions from the Intelligence Directorate, the Air Force, special units, and the International Cooperation Division.

Eisenkot proceeded to elucidate the pivotal turning point in the fight against ISIS, which materialized in 2015. During that period, a specific incident prompted a request for Israel to undertake a retaliatory strike. The former Chief of Staff revealed that the Israeli forces executed a highly expansive offensive, effectively targeting numerous ISIS militants. This substantial operation played a significant role in weakening the terrorist organization and exacting a heavy toll on its members.

The General went on to underscore the unique capabilities possessed by Israel in terms of locating and striking targets, even within a 1000-kilometer radius of the nation. Few countries in the world possess the expertise to identify targets as precisely as a podium and to deploy a missile with such surgical precision. Eisenkot further emphasized that the effectiveness of the IDF’s operations did not go unnoticed by various stakeholders, including both allies and adversaries. Notably, he mentioned that the impact of Israel’s actions resonated with ISIS and other influential players in the region, such as Russia and the United States. The former IDF Chief alluded to the fact that the true extent of Israel’s involvement and its significant contributions to stability in the Middle East were best understood by the very men who constituted the ranks of ISIS. These individuals, through firsthand experience, bore witness to the relentless efforts and the high human cost that the IDF inflicted upon their organization, resulting in countless casualties and injuries.

The revelations made by MK Gadi Eisenkot provide a rare glimpse into Israel’s covert operations against ISIS during a critical juncture in the fight against global terrorism.

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  1. Wow. Is he allowed to reveal that sensitive classified information? Hopefully Jake Sullivan will request a meeting with the dummy.

  2. Interesting. Why is only the person on the right blurred out but not the person on the left, in the picture posted above?

    • You got it! The Obama administration (probably with the help of Mossad as usual) armed ISIS. A stockpile of US-made weapons used by ISIS was found in Syria. A captured ISIS leader confessed that Obama and the CIA funded ISIS existence in all 50 States and gave them taxpayer paid free housing in the US.

  3. Do your math. How many people have ISIS killed and how many have the Zionists killed with their vax and other terrorist attacks? Why are the Zionists continuing to give Hamas financial aid? And why do they insist not to destroy Gaza and to allow the terrorists to live in Israel? Who are the real criminals?


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