Wild Footage Shows Dodger Stadium Completely Flooded As Tropical Storm Hilary Wreaks Havoc

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The Los Angeles Dodgers have encountered a formidable fresh adversary – Tropical Storm Hilary.

Startling visuals depict the area surrounding Dodgers Stadium inundated by the unprecedented tempest, which has brought about tumultuous circumstances not witnessed in the vicinity for a span of 84 years. The sports stadium effectively transformed into an enclave after an accumulation of rainfall equivalent to more than an average year’s worth poured down upon the Golden State within a single night.

Astonishing aerial footage portrays the region encircling the stadium engulfed by water, as relentless downpours fabricated perilous situations, compelling distressed Californians to hastily seek refuge. The verdant expanse of the playing field suggests that it endured more favorably than the adjacent surroundings, which appear utterly submerged, concealed under ominous clouds veiling the L.A. skyline beyond.

The Sunday matchup of the Dodgers against the Miami Marlins was rescheduled for Saturday to pre-empt the impending catastrophic weather. Even subsequent to Hilary’s demotion from hurricane status to a post-tropical storm, meteorologists continued to caution about the persistence of “ongoing life-threatening and locally disastrous flooding.”

Treacherous flash floods spanning Los Angeles and Ventura Counties resulted in at least 13 individuals at a homeless encampment along the rising San Diego River necessitating rescue by fire officials, as water reached knee-deep levels. Others found themselves marooned atop their vehicles as rain and debris washed away sections of roadways. Simultaneously, in San Bernardino County, flash floods reportedly coerced several residents in Seven Oaks to evacuate their homes and seek refuge in trees.

The tempest is anticipated to diminish in intensity as it progresses northward into Nevada, although forecasters persist in warning of the impending menace of heavy precipitation and potent winds.

Sunday marked the wettest day on historical record in San Diego, with 1.82 inches of rainfall, according to the National Weather Service. The prior record was established on August 17, 1977, with 1.8 inches following Hurricane Doreen. Meanwhile, Palm Springs encountered nearly 3.18 inches of precipitation by Sunday evening, with the local police department reporting disruptions in their 911 lines. The most substantial accumulation of rainfall was documented at Lewis Ranch, where an astounding 7.04 inches descended, followed by Leona Valley, which witnessed 6.97 inches by early Monday, as reported by the National Weather Service.

Before Hilary made landfall in Mexico’s Baja California peninsula on Sunday, the region had already been rattled by a 5.1-magnitude earthquake in the city of Ojai, situated around 80 miles north of Los Angeles.

In the wake of the tempest, the Los Angeles Unified School District opted to cancel classes on Monday. Likewise, San Diego schools deferred their commencement of classes from Monday to Tuesday. Hilary initially touched down on Mexico’s Baja California peninsula on Sunday, resulting in one fatality from drowning in a vehicle swept away by the waters. Rescue squads managed to extricate four other individuals trapped within the submerged vehicle. Mexican army personnel subsequently mobilized to the areas hardest hit. Armed with bulldozers and dump trucks, soldiers have been diligently laboring to remove the copious boulders and debris now strewn across streets and roadways.



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  2. Hillary Clinton Confesses: “I Attacked Dodgers Stadium”
    Hillary Clinton, who once professed to being both a New York Yankees and Chicago Cubs fan, confirmed recent news reports that she stormed Dodgers stadium on Sunday and rendered the field unplayable for Sunday’s scheduled game against the Miami Marlins.
    Local media outlets reported on Sunday that Tropical Storm Hilary had wreaked havoc upon the iconic stadium, but Hillary Clinton’s PR team initially denied she was behind the attack.
    “In case you didn’t notice,” a Clinton spokesman told reporters on Sunday, “Hillary spells her name with two L’s. The terrorist who stormed Dodgers stadium on Sunday spells her name with one ‘L . It’s a different Hilary.”
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    However, video footage of the attack on Dodgers stadium showed a woman, who looked identical to Hillary Clinton, angrily storming the stadium on Sunday with highly potent water cannons, inundating the entire field with torrential bursts of water, ultimately compelling Clinton on Monday to confess to the attack.
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