Will El Al Cancel Flights?


Due to strained budgets, many El Al flights may be canceled due to lack of security personnel at foreign airports, Haaretz reported. The problem could worsen towards around Pesach and the summer, when air traffic peaks.

Shortage of security personnel disrupted El Al flights over Pesach last year.

The Foreign Ministry said likewise that it could not afford to maintain all its security personnel after a wage hike arranged by the treasury and Histadrut labor federation.

The foreign ministry plans to close seven missions over the next three years and boost programs in those that remain.

{Matzav.com Israel}


  1. They can use soldiers to do security on a volunteer bases. They have the money by the tens of millions of dollars to throw at ads advertising in Germany for the israeli toeiva parade and don’t get much return on the millions of dollars invested. What a crooked head givernment. They want so much to be like the European corrupted goyim and are willing to spend millions with a losing return but can scrape a few bucks for security. What a joke. Unfortunately!


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