Will the US Gov’t Condemn Fatah for Taking Credit for the Murder of a Rabbi?

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meir-chai28 December 2009

Mr. Frank Finvar
Department of Public Affairs
United States Consulate
Jerusalem, Israel

Dear Frank,

Fatah armed forces of the Palestinian Authority, now undergoing training by the US, have formally taken credit for the Dec. 24th drive by murder of Rabbi Meir Chai.

Please advise if the American government will issue a statement condemning the Fatah for taking credit for the murder of the young Rabbi.

Please advise as to whether the American government will send a delegate to express condolences to the “shiva” home of the Rabbi, who left a wife and seven orphans.



David Bedein
Middle East Correspondent, Philadelphia Bulletin
Director, Israel Resource News Agency & the Center for Near East Policy
tel. 02 6234556
cell. 0547 222 661

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  1. Frank;
    Don’t hold your breath. We at the American Gov’t will not condemn any parties looking to make peace. Sometimes the way to make peace is to take action first. We are also too busy drafting our condemnation of Israel for retaliating. Retaliation has in the past shown not be in best interests of making peace and as such strong condemnation of Isreal for its deplorable actions is forthcoming. The American gov’t will continue whatever necessary to see that Israel rest in peace.


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