WINGING IT: NYC-Bound Flight Canceled When Passenger Notices Missing Bolts On Plane Wing

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A Virgin Atlantic flight destined for New York from Manchester Airport in the UK faced an abrupt cancellation when an observant passenger, Phil Hardy, raised concerns about missing screws on the plane’s wing. Hardy, a 41-year-old British traveler aboard Flight VS127 on January 15, spotted four absent fasteners during a safety briefing and promptly informed the cabin crew.

“I thought it was best to mention it to a flight attendant to be on the safe side,” he explained.

Following Hardy’s alert, engineers were summoned to conduct maintenance checks on the Airbus A330 aircraft scheduled for takeoff to John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City, according to a Virgin Atlantic representative. Video footage captured by Hardy showed one of the engineers using a screwdriver to address the missing fasteners on the plane’s wing. While the airline assured Hardy that there was no safety concern, his apprehension grew, influenced by a recent incident involving an Alaska Airlines plane losing a door plug and fuselage section mid-flight.

Virgin Atlantic and Airbus emphasized that the aircraft’s safety was unaffected by the missing fasteners, despite the flight’s subsequent cancellation. The Virgin representative clarified that the cancellation aimed to allow time for precautionary engineering maintenance checks, ensuring customer and crew safety. “The safety of our customers and crew is always our top priority and this was not compromised at any point,” the representative stated. “We always work well above industry safety standards, and the aircraft is now back in service.”

Neil Firth, Airbus’s local chief wing engineer for A330, explained that the impacted panel was a secondary structure designed to enhance the plane’s aerodynamics. He reassured that the absence of 119 fasteners on each panel had no impact on the wing’s structural integrity or load capability, deeming the aircraft safe to operate. As a precaution, the plane underwent an additional maintenance check, and the missing fasteners were replaced.

Passengers on the canceled flight were rerouted to alternative flights bound for New York.



  1. The main thing is, all unionized airlines employees are allowed to make a personal decision if they want to be a man or a lady. If the safety of the paying passengers are compromised, so be it.

  2. “Virgin Atlantic and Airbus emphasized that the aircraft’s safety was unaffected by the missing fasteners, despite the flight’s subsequent cancellation.”

    Apparently these were the decorative, non-weight-bearing fasteners.

  3. We lost our trust in the government, in politicians, in medical practitioners and now we’ll lose our trust in airlines.

  4. “when an observant passenger, Phil Hardy, raised concerns about missing screws”, good thing he was merely observant, had he instead been an observant Jew, he would have been removed from the flight for disturbing the weight balance and the whole plane could have gone down along with flight crew’s missing screws.

  5. Forced pilots to get the death jab that would cause them heart attacks en route.
    Removed bolts from wings and doors of airplanes, as in Boeing recently.
    Allow criminal migrants without ID to fly and bring chaos and whatnot on flights.

    • Agree.
      At this point, only Bobby Kennedy can save this Nation. He’s the the only one with guts to say it like it is. He’s not afraid of the filthy murderous CIA & FBI coming after him. They’ve already murdered his Father and Uncle. Bobby has nothing to lose, and tons to gain. My entire family will be voting for him be”h.


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