With Economy in Shambles, Obama’s Oval Office Gets Makeover


obama-white-house1On the President’s first day back in the office from vacation, facing a deteriorating economic horizon, one Internet site is claiming he has returned to a newly redecorated Oval Office, complete with new carpets and drapes.A White House spokesman tells ABC News the administration will have no immediate comment on the Drudge Report that “workers have been busy installing new carpets, drapes, painting, etc. in Oval Office.” But mediamatters.org, a progressive media watchdog site, has pounced, defending the Obama administration.

Under the headline “BREAKING: President Bush redecorated the White House,” mediamatters.org pre-buts any suggestion that a cosmetic face-lift would be what it calls “some sort of shocking waste of tax dollars.” It recalls the Bush administration upgrades including an expensive sunburst carpet designed by then-First Lady Laura Bush.

When the Obamas first arrived last year, the President declared he liked the carpet and saw no need for immediate redecorating.

The President has a prime time address scheduled Tuesday evening from the Oval Office on the end of combat operations in Iraq, but under traditional White House protocol, the network television camera will be allowed to focus only on the President at his desk, without wider angle views of the office drapes and furniture.

{ABC News/Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. what sort of anti obama bias which doesnt rise to the level of policy criticism ?

    is it because he has a personal vendetta against the president?

    why didnt matzav report that in their personal quarters in march 2010 the real media ( and not a web site that reports lies every day of the year) …reported that the obamas paid to do their personal quarters $100,000 of their own money even though the law allows them to use donations that were pouring in as they are for every president.

  2. Sorry, I really don’t think the country will be going broke because of a new carpet in the white house. This stuff is getting so silly. There is absolutely no common sense left. How do party representatives expect us to take them seriously when stories like this prove that all they really care about is to bash the other side. When will they grow up to act like 7 year olds?!

  3. well let’s do something novel & use seichel, some merchant was paid for the carpet, someone was paid to install it, that’s economic stimulus at work!


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