Wolf & Lamb Steakhouse Opens in Flatbush

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wolf-lamb-steakhouseThe NY Daily News reports: A popular kosher steakhouse has made its way to Midwood.

Housed in a dramatic stand-alone building on the corner of Coney Island Ave. and Ave. M, Wolf & Lamb is turning the Brooklyn neighborhood into a true dining destination.

Part of the reason owner Zalman Wuensch, a Crown Heights resident, opened up in the area is its lack of great dinner spots.

“We felt that there’s no reason why Brooklyn shouldn’t have a really nice kosher fine dining option,” says Wuensch.

Unlike its 15-year-old midtown flagship, however, Wolf & Lamb’s Brooklyn location has more of a modern flair.

White lights hang from the soaring ceiling, serving as a spotlight on the venue’s copper penny floor – 200,000 coins, individually glued on by hand.

It also boasts an outdoor eating area on the second floor and herb garden on the third.

As the restaurant settles into its new neighborhood – it will soon be open for lunch – Wolf & Lamb’s head chef Daniel Espinoza is training the Brooklyn kitchen team.

“He has an extensive background in French cooking,” says Wuensch of the Les Halles alum. “He brings a sophisticated element to very rustic food.”

In addition to their steaks and chops, popular items include S outhern fried pickles with a fresh basil mayo and sesame rumaki, chicken breasts wrapped with barb ecued pastrami and tossed in a spicy chipotle sauce.

“One of the things that makes Wolf & Lamb really stand out as compared to other high-end dining options is we believe strongly that everyone should have access to our experience,” says Wuensch, who runs the restaurant with his brother and father.

To keep meals affordable, the menu includes plenty of items under $20, including the fresh salads and artisanal burgers.

“We retain the old-fashioned roots of warm hospitality while still offering an upscale well-done product in a tasteful environment,” he says.

“You don’t have to come in and have a full sit-down dinner. If you want to come in and just have a dessert or a glass of wine, you’re more than welcome.”

Wolf & Lamb Steakhouse, 16 35 Coney Island Ave. at Ave. M., Brooklyn; (718) 627-4676.

{NY Daily News/Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. and for very good avergae pricing dairy resturant, try directly across the steer. ANd they like to accomodate you. No I dont havre anything to do with it, I just want to see clean recpectful simply priced KOSHER PLACES and not the fake fancy pretence resturants that have ONE SAUSE FOR EVERY MEAL YOU RODER AT OUTLANDISH PRICES PRETENDING ITS ”our speically made by our master chef just arrived from timbukto’
    thanks for the print space.

  2. There has been so many different owners come & go from that location. Can’t figure out why no one lasts more than a few months over there. Anyway, if the owners are Frum, I wish them Hatzlacha Raba!

  3. should we as a kehillah REALLY be glorifying more and more gashmius? is yiddishkeit about the most geshmake steak we can dream up?

  4. Does anyone know what happened to the place that was there before? Seemed to close rather quickly? It was just called M.

  5. I still remember a few years back (and like 5 restaurants before) there used to be an oil place on that location 🙂

  6. We wish them Hazlocho: Their place in the city is awesome:
    To No: 5 what is wrong with a Yid trying to make a parnosso?


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