Woman Forced Off Flight, Charged for Not Turning Off Cellphone

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 planeA woman was forcibly removed from a US Airways flight on Sunday for refusing to comply with flight crew instructions. Much of what appears to have happened was videotaped by a fellow passenger.

The flight, US Airways 906, was bound for Charlotte, N.C., from Fort Lauderdale, Fla. According to a report obtained by ABC News from the Broward County Sheriff’s Office, passenger Lindsay Bien-aime refused to comply with flight attendant instructions prior to takeoff and “became unruly.” The pilot ordered the woman off the plane. Despite orders from Broward County officers who had boarded the flight, Bien-aime “continued to refuse to exit the plane” and “became irate, screaming and yelling profanities.”

ABC News’ attempts to reach Bien-aime or a representative were not successful.

On the four-minute video, a woman is heard shouting not only at the officers trying to remove her from the flight but at the passengers around her.

“I will hold up this whole plane,” the woman can be heard saying. “I don’t care where people gotta go.”

In the video, the woman can be heard repeatedly requesting that a flight attendant come to her seat and explain what she had done wrong before she would leave the plane. Another voice can be heard saying, she has “been on her phone the whole time.”

When the woman still wouldn’t budge, the officers attempted to handcuff her, and a scuffle ensued. Two more people who appeared to be passengers came to the aid of the officers.

According to the police report, Bien-aime “scratched, kicked and violently resisted” attempts to remove her from the plane.

She was charged on three counts, including battery, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest with violence.

Read more at Good Morning America.

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  1. “Let these people” — QUITE A strong RACIAL statement and do you agree when we are accused by others with the same words “Let THESE PEOPLE”. This individual woman is the problem, not these people.

  2. #2 Torah is EMES
    Maybe he meant people that talk on the phone when told not to, and then hold up the plane because they refuse to get off??
    Dan Lchaf Zechus

  3. re comment 2, why are you immediately dan lekaf chov? I didn’t read that into it and wouldn’t have even had I seen the video first.

  4. #5 “They have no right to be around us” ….. so the assumption should have been that people who are on cellphones ‘have no right to be around us’, OK a stretch to be dan lekaf zechus on that one..

  5. How does talking on a phone necessitate a forceful removal from the plane? Obviously, most people would get very “irate” when kicked off the seat that they paid for and waited in the TSA lines for. Are we now obligated to obey every senseless arbitrary rule and instruction, or else? Are we in North Korea?


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