Women Of The Wall: No Orthodox Allowed

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koselWomen For the Wall condemned today the Women of the Wall’s demand that the government prevent traditional women from praying at the Kosel. In its list of sixteen conditions for moving their Rosh Chodesh prayer to a new section, the Women of the Wall requires that, effective immediately, the government stop “ultra-Orthodox leaders who are organizing demonstrations against Women of the Wall.” This is a reference to Women For the Wall, who have brought thousands of women to the Kosel each month to show their desire that the traditions of the Wall not be changed.

“The very idea that a group that can hardly muster 100 women on a good month should dictate to the government how to run the Kotel plaza is mindboggling,” said Ronit Peskin, Director of Women for the Wall. “The list of demands is yet another example of Women of the Wall’s preoccupation with themselves at the expense of the Jewish People.”

Women of the Wall’s demands include an anti-democratic ban on other organized groups, as well as a permanent cap on the size of the area for traditional prayer – along with the “right” to arrange for women to sing in the plaza immediately behind the men’s section without restriction. Additional demands include a contiguous plaza which would inevitably damage the existing archaeological site, a state budget equivalent to the one currently available to the administration of the existing plaza, control over the development of the alternative plaza and the existing plaza (outside the separate prayer area), and a government commitment to augmenting the prestige of the new egalitarian plaza.

“While they claim to fight for ‘women’s rights’, the Women of the Wall are trampling the rights of all other women, demanding that they be removed from the Kosel women’s section when WOW shows up,” said Leah Aharoni, co-founder of Women for the Wall. “Women of the Wall claim to give women a voice at the Kosel, yet in reality they are there to squash the voice of hundreds of thousands of women, who oppose their antics and want to preserve existing Jewish tradition.”

Women for the Wall, a grassroots organization committed to preserving the consensus around the Kosel and maintaining the sanctity of the place, is dedicated to ensuring that the Western Wall can be a place for all Jews to come and pray with respect and dignity. It believes that only by preserving classical Jewish practice at the Wall can it be a place where all Jews can be welcome.

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  1. Now that they have agreed to move to a completely new section which does not yet exist and which is far enough away not to disturb anybody, for the sake of shalom, why can’t they be guaranteed that they will now be left alone? Sounds fair.

  2. Typical Liberal Feminism: March in lockstep with us or else you will be ostracized if you do not comply with our demands.

    Talk about intolerance! Isn’t it these same liberals that preach to the Orthodox they are intolerant?

    What hypocrites these liberal feminists are!

  3. Women of the Wallnuts are mostly Reform or just plain nuts, but that’s an oxymoron.

    These REFORMers just don’t get it!!

    Sometime in the mid 1800’s some whackadoodles, Jews who were tired and/or ashamed of Judaism (today we call them self-hating Jews) decided to Reformulate the Jewish religion so that it would be more to their liking. First they did away with Jewish tradition. Then they threw out Halacha along with the Torah. Then some decided that you don’t have to believe in G-D. Then they made up their own religion of social “justice” based on their misinterpretation of “Tikun Olam” and they called their newly formulated religion “Reform Judaism”. Every year the self proclaimed leaders of this phony group get together at a ‘convention’ to decide what new laws will be enacted and what old laws will be tweaked so that it conforms to their way of doing business…….Oh, I mean religion.

    Unfortunately, the Reform leaders – men, women and transvestites alike, who call themselves Rabbi’s, lie to their followers & congregants. They tell them that “G-d didn’t write the Torah, men & women wrote the Bible” & “Those stories from the Torah are fables” & “You don’t have to eat only kosher or observe Shabbos – Those are old laws.”

    Reform is not Judaism.

  4. WOW if far from WOW!

    They are opportunists to destroy Toras Hashem. A few dozen pygmies who are in the headlines making demands is ridiculous.

    Thank you, WOWEN FOR THE WALL for your protests, words of sechel and standing up for the true women who love to daven at the Kotel.

  5. Yasher Koach to #6, Commish: You said it all. What they’re proposing nowadays makes their reformation of fifty years ago look tame. In Israel, the erev rav are proposing same-gender marriages, r’l. These must surely be signs of the upcoming Geulah – please H’!


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