Women of the Wall Threatens Jerusalem Online Over Critical Article Showing Anti-Israel Ties

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women-of-the-wallBy Rachel Avraham

Women of the Wall threatened Jerusalem Online News with legal action regarding the article published there which also appeared here on Matzav.com. That is why the article was removed from Jerusalem Online.

This is a routine scare tactic of radical leftists, since they only can tolerate having their own views published and are opposed to dissent. However, all of the facts in the article are documented and have been checked numerous times before publication.

I am a serious investigative journalist and would not have published it otherwise.

I want to thank Matzav.com for printing the article, so the article is public at this moment here.

Women of the Wall had the article taken down because they threaten news organizations that don’t publish what they like. Since I proved beyond a doubt to my editor that Women of the Wall representatives lied to him about the accuracy of the article so he would be pressured into taking it down, we are discussing how to proceed. However, they can’t threaten journalists and then use the fact it was taken down as proof that the article is wrong.

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  1. Well, taking it down does provide some kind of illusion of a “proof”, since if it was right why would they be afraid. Which begs asking the question: Why did they take it down? The facts seem to be crystal clear!

  2. T? MDshweks,

    My editor was not aware of the sources that I had. So, when they told him they were lies and threatened him, he freaked out. I showed him they lied only after it was taken down. My big boss will decide how to proceed from here.

  3. Hopefully, those of us who applauded the “Scharansky compromise” will finally realize that “women of the wall” are neither about the women nor the prayers – just another socialist-fascist group using sneaky Sal Alinsky’s tactics.


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