Worker Found Dead In Walk-In Freezer at Beigel’s Bakery After Getting Locked In Overnight

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A worker was found dead inside a walk-in freezer at a Brooklyn bakery Thursday morning after getting locked in overnight, the NY Post reports. Mahamadou Dansogo, 33, was discovered at 8:40 a.m. by a coworker who opened the Beigel’s Bakery warehouse on Avenue D, near Ditmas Avenue, in East Flatbush, according to cops. He had no visible trauma to his body, cops said.

The walk-in freezer was described as being like a meat locker, a police source said. It’s believed he was in the freezer overnight, a law enforcement source said.



  1. I lock walk-in refrigerators and freezers in a commercial kitchen twice a week and I always check to make sure nobody is inside even though it sounds far-fetched someone should be inside, however one never knows. This should be the established practice even if saves one life in 20 years

  2. My walk in fridges have a safety feature that even when locked from the outside, they can be opened from the inside. I thought that was standard

    • Truth be told he didn’t die of the coldness in the freezer,he die of getting stuck between the machine and got short lived,furthermore there should be some type of security walking throughout the night checking all the freezes for security and random individuals who may be locked in or trapped as it is mention. It’s a neglect toss an unresponsiable staff. Safety is a major issue which needs to be looked into.

    • Yes it is (should be), but that is not enough, because if a worker, say, slips and falls and loses consciousness, it can be a danger. There need to be rules about employees who go inside alone, should be somewhere else within expected time + 5 minutes! and someone responsible for checking that. Also one can get disoriented at low temperatures, even a healthy young man.
      May we hear of no more tragedies and heartfelt condolences to the man’s family and friends

  3. Bs”d
    If this is a kosher bakery, didn’t the mashgiach check that everyone was out of the building, including
    the freezer? Wouldn’t he have to make sure no one was staying, which would be an hallachic problem?

  4. Thanks Frumkeit for your respectful question!
    That establishment works literally 24/6. The better question is how come he didn’t attempt to get out. As Anonymous just above you states, AND YES, THAT IS THE STANDARD, all walk-is have that safety feature. The guy may have become disoriented or perhaps decided Enough is Enough!

    Beigels is a top rate establishment with an amazing ownership!

  5. This place needs a staff of security walking daily checking every freezer in the warehouse to make sure things are safe and running.This is neglected toss the supervisor and or manager.The freezer is not a trapped door as is mention,The individual got short live by the Machine inside the freezer.Whoever is in charge of the investigation must look thoroughly on the situation and not allow a cover up,as they already doing.

  6. “If this is a kosher bakery,”
    Then they are open the whole night baking.

    I think that all walk in fridges should be mandated to have a latch on both sides of the door.


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