Workers Accuse Sara Netanyahu Of Making Them Work On Shabbos

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Cleaning workers at the prime Minister’s residence are accusing the wife of the Prime Minister, Sarah Netanyahu, of forcing them to work on Shabbos, even without payment.

The workers claim, among other things, that Netanyahu ordered them to sign their clock in, and then forced them to stay and continue to clean the house.

In a letter sent by the Prime Minister’s Office’s advisor and accountant, it was written that the workers complained about Mrs. Netanyahu, who forced them to work on Shabbas, and did not give them overtime.

The Prime Minister’s Office has not responded to the allegations.

{ Israel News}


  1. lets not be so quick at judging sarah. The worker accusing her has been extremely inconsistent and you can see from the get go that she was in it for the money. This whole story and the witch hunt on netanyahu is all the same story.. The leftists trying to topple him. In the meantime, Netanyahu has been way better to the chareidim than any past leader.

  2. They don’t seem upset about having to work on Shabbos, they just want the overtime so you’re title is a bit misleading…


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