World Cheese And Miller’s Cheese Return Shredded Cheese To Shelves

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haolam-cheeseBrooklyn, NY – World Cheese Company, producer of Haolam cholov yisrael cheese products and Miller’s Cheese Corp. have moved quickly to offer its loyal customers newly produced quality shredded cheese after issuing a voluntary recall on a limited amount of shredded cheese packaged in a Wisconsin plant.   The new Haolam’s and Miller’s Shredded Cheese are being shredded and packaged exclusively at a plant that will not handle any other  cheese products, thus avoiding the situation that caused the companies’ first recall of any kind in nearly eight decades.

Spokesmen for the kosher cheese brands emphasized their-long standing policy of assuring product safety and not to accept even “a perception of their products not being safe to consume.” In a statement, the companies emphasized that the Voluntary Recall never involved any of the other quality cheese products produced by the companies, including all cheese provided to kosher pizza stores. The companies noted that the Haolam and Milller’s products are produced in state-of-the-art USDA approved and monitored facilities and are not produced in the packaging plant that was involved in the Voluntary Recall. Said the companies: “We are delighted that all stores are once again stocked with freshly packed shredded products that meet the highest standards of kashrus and quality that you’ve been accustomed to receiving from us in the past.”

The statement reassured consumers that “there was never any actual health danger to people who consumed the products in the Voluntary Recall, especially since all of our products that were distributed in the marketplace tested  negative for Listeria monocytogenes, both in a private lab in Wisconsin findings and in the NY FDA lab test as well.” It emphasized that the voluntary recall is obviously not at all a kashrus issue whatsoever. In addition to its high level of kashrus, the companies pointed to their meticulous and effective quality control program.  They also thanked their extensive retail base for their support and effective recall program.”

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  1. It is rare to find a company so meticulous and pristine. Haolom is run by the Thurm’s for decades and they are the finest People around. They have earned a reputation for honesty and integrity. In our family we only buy their cheese. Hatzlochoh to them.


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