World’s Oldest Woman May Have Lied About Her Age

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The French woman who died as the world’s oldest may have lied about her age by stealing her mother’s identity to tack on an extra 23 years, a mathematician claims in a blockbuster new report.

Jeanne Calment earned the Guinness World Record when she passed away at age 122 years and 164 days in 1997.

But Russian mathematician Nikolai Zak searched into Jeanne Calment’s records and believes Yvonne assumed her mom’s identity after her death “in order to avoid paying inheritance tax.”

Official records say Yvonne died of pleurisy in 1934 — but Zak suggests that it was really her mother, Jeanne, who died then. If that’s the case, the woman who died in 1997 was really Yvonne — and she was only 99.

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