Worried About Coronavirus, Israel Bars Foreigners From High Risk Countries


Foreigners who recently traveled to countries in Asia where the coronavirus has spread will be barred from entering Israel, Interior Minister Aryeh Deri announced on Monday.

Deri said that guidelines by Israel’s Ministry of Health and general concerns about the possibility of an outbreak in Israel was behind the move, according to a report by i24 New.

The new restriction will come into force in the coming days and be for foreigners who have traveled within the last two weeks to Thailand, Macau, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Israel has already banned foreigners who recently visited China from entering the country.

Until now, no cases of coronavirus—officially now named severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2, or SARS-CoV-2—have been reported in Israel, the report said.

Separately, Japanese authorities decided to allow uninfected Israelis quarantined on the cruise ship Diamond Princess due to the illness to return to Israel on Thursday, the Foreign Ministry said in a statement. According to Japanese officials, there are a total of 542 confirmed cases of the infection on the cruise ship.

A new study by the Chinese Centre for Disease Control and Prevention showed that the elderly and sick are at the most at risk for infection, the BBC reported on Tuesday. Medical staff are also at high risk, but more than 80 percent of the cases have been mild, the data found.




  1. Please see the article titled “South Korea says it’s successfully treating coronavirus patient with natural oxygen therapy” at the website “NewsTarget” (dot com) wherein is related that, Boruch Hashem, doctors in South Korea have had BRILLIANT SUCCESS in curing coronavirus victims with a specialized but simple Oxygen Therapy. Read the full story there.

    • Think the Deep State Cabal will allow their Oxygen Therapy to continue when their NWO bioweapon plan was Population Control by virus or lethal vaccination / drugs? Why else would they have known about an upcoming epidemic 3 months in advance?


      If this is true then look for oxygen treatments to be banned by the CDC and Big Pharma. If you are found with oxygen treatment equipment in your home then you will be arrested and jailed. They cannot have deadly diseases they create in labs cured so easily. For instance if they found out that most viruses could be cured by chewing dandy lion leaves then they would ban dandy lions and make it a mandatory 25 year prison sentence for even having a dandy lion growing in your yard. (they can ban plants, look what they did to cannabis (even industrial cannabis) and certain poppies and coca tree) That is how they operate. They do not want you to easily cure your illness. I wish I were exaggerating but unfortunately for humanity, I am not.

    • Coronavirus is a combination of radiation and the flu. Remember, it’s a bioweapon. Nobody can “catch” radiation but the flu can be contagious. The flu vaccination which naive vaxxers take yearly makes 90% of them more sick and can even be lethal. Vitamin C is a great way to prevent this “virus” aka flu.


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