WORST MAYOR EVER: De Blasio Gets Heckled During Press Conference At Trump Tower

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Mayor Bill de Blasio grew hoarse shouting over the cranked-up crooning of Frank Sinatra tunes playing in the Trump Tower lobby as he tried to promote his “Green New Deal.”

Trump supporters joined in the noise heckling the mayor with a steady stream of “Boos” and “You s—ks” as he tried to shout over the din.

“Worst mayor ever,” read one sign held by a protester as the mayor rode up and down an escalator.

Read more at NY POST.



  1. De Blasio couldn’t even run a lemon aid stand.

    Not by getting up 11 in the morning .
    Going to the GYM 12 noon.
    Always being late.

    NOT solving NYC’s serious problems.
    Digging up projects that amount to absolutely nothing.

    May the 2020 presidential circus begin !!!!!!!!!!!

    Between all Democratic incompetent clowns vying
    to become the
    next president of the USA,
    De Blasio is way last…

  2. The Mayor seems to be a nice guy. He also happens to be a handsome guy. He is not one of these wealthy elitists. He does care about the Frum communities needs. I think he means well, but the masses just don’t seem to connect to him. He’s lacking some gravitas (to quote Cuomo). Nu nu.

    Who allowed crime to get so out of control that there were over 2,000 murders per year in NYC?
    Who allowed a three-day pogrom to rage against the Jews of Crown Heights, during which the entire community of men, women and children were under siege, beaten in the streets, and terrified to leave their homes, all the while the police refused to intervene?
    “WORST MAYOR EVER”? Not even close.

  4. If you want to report on what happened, I can understand that.

    However, adopting and imitating a NY Post type sensationalist tabloid style, e.g. such large, screaming headlines, is not fitting for a Torah site.

    As I write this, I see a photo of Rav A.Y. Pam z”l flashing on the right side of the page. I’m sure Rav Pam would agree with what I wrote.

    Thanks for your attention to this important matter.


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