WOW! Anonymous Donor Give 285 THOUSAND DOLLARS To Save Young Girl

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A successful campaign to pay for a groundbreaking 2 million dollar medication to save a young Jewish girl was completed in  a only five days as Jews across the globe united to help out.

Eliana (now Chana) Cohen was recently diagnosed with SMA type 2, a life altering disease with devastating symptoms. Due to a misdiagnosis, the family only learned of her condition a few weeks ago, leading to a horrifying countdown. A new drug to fight the disease with a high success rate in clinical trials was recently FDA approved. However, the approval was only for children under two, leaving the family a matter of days to put together the funds, which weren’t covered by insurance.

The family went public with their ordeal and individuals around the world responded magnanimously, raising the necessary funds with days to spare. Over 23,000 people donated money in just four days.

One notable donation came anonymously for the amount of $285,000! Reports of a Hollywood celebrity giving a similarly large amount has not been confirmed.

The family thanked everyone for the massive support that was given and asked that everyone to continue davening for their daughter with the following post:

To Acheinu Bnei Yisroel,

When we began this campaign 4 days ago, we embarked upon the impossible. We desperately needed to raise 2M+ in the course of a few days to save of the life of our daughter Eliana. Very quickly, Klal Yisroel joined together and in an unprecedented display of Achdus, this lifesaving campaign gathered force. With great Siyata Dishamya and B’chasdei Hashem, we were able to reach this unprecedented goal and are now in a position to receive the miracle drug.

We want to take the opportunity to recognize and thank each and every one of you for your tefillos and generous support.

Please continue to pray for Chana bas Shani, as we still have a long way to go!




  1. Probably a typo. Sounds a little strange to donate such a large anonymous donation to an online campaign, tax issues and all.


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