Write to Your Lawmaker for Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin

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rubashkin2Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin is in prison for 27 years because of unethical, overzealous actions by the U.S. Attorney’s Office and the trial judge. New evidence shows that Judge Linda Reade was actively engaged in the planning for the May 2008 raid on Agriprocessors and participated in preparations for the raid.

Sholom Rubashkin needs your help.

Help Sholom seek justice by writing to your senators and congressmen and tell them to contact the Department of Justice to request a government investigation into prosecutorial misconduct in the Rubashkin case!  

It is time for the Department of Justice to correct this injustice and provide fair justice for Sholom Rubashkin. (Read a recent Des Moines Register article on this issue: http://bit.ly/aEE82e)

Already, prominent legal voices are speaking out against the unlawful actions of Chief Judge Linda Reade and the prosecutors in the Rubashkin case.

They include Mark Harrison, the former chairman of the American Bar Association’s Commission to Revise the Model Code of Judicial Conduct, and Professor Stephen Gillers, one of the most frequently quoted authority on legal ethics, who teaches at New York University Law School. These ethics experts concluded that Judge Reade violated the Code of Judicial Conduct and the prosecutors engaged in misconduct. Read their sworn affidavits here:  http://bit.ly/cu1z2I (Harrison) and http://bit.ly/aRhQvW (Gillers).

And the case is drawing the eye of lawmakers, like Rep. Anthony Weiner and Rep. Tim Murphy, who wrote letters to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, seeking an investigation by the Department of Justice into prosecutorial misconduct in the Rubashkin case.

Read the letters here: http://bit.ly/cFmJUf (Weiner) and http://bit.ly/9TnA4e (Murphy)


1.       Contact your senators and U.S. representative, and ask them to send a letter to Attorney General Holder requesting an investigation.

2.       Go on Facebook and Twitter and ask your friends to contact their lawmakers as well.

3.       Forward this to family, friends and fellow supporters of Sholom Rubashkin.

Please note: It is not appropriate to send e-mails or other correspondence to the judge in this case or the appellate court. Please direct all e-mails to your local senator or congressman or the Department of Justice Office of Intergovernmental and Public Liaison at oipl@usdoj.gov. Please keep your comments respectful at all times.

Together, we can show prosecutors and the legal community that concerned citizens are watching the case of Sholom Rubashkin, and that he deserves “equal and fair administration of justice under the law.”

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  1. Where is the case standing?
    What happened to the the various appeals?
    And last How can I find who is my senator & house rep?
    Hope to see Harav Sholom Mordechai Haleivi Ben Rivka
    free very very soon

  2. below is a copy of what i wrote to scumer gillibrand menendez and lautenberg as well as doj.

    use it if you like it.

    a good tip is to copy and paste it since many times the sites lose it for technical reasons

    Please know that I have been following the media of this case as it has caught my interest.
    I feel that I am within my bounds to respectfully suggest this case be reviewed by the department of justice.

    The very inference that a federal judge has breached in any way or in any form their responsibilities is tantamount to judicial suicide, America and its government shouldn’t allow that.

    Much proof and enough questions bring into consideration the motives and outcome of sholom rubashkin, first and foremost is judge Linda reades personal involvement.

    this is besides the many other reasons that question if he has been treated fairly,(bail denial, autistic child, charges never before used)

    With all due respect

    I remain


  3. Shkoiach for giving us this bit of hishtadlis we could do, besides sending in money for the legal team, but most of all lets not forget to daven daily if possible 3 times a day for the tsadik, Shulom Mordechai ben Rifka who has shown unbelievable misiras nefesh to Hashem and his Torah throughout.

  4. mi k’amcha yisroel, goy echod b’aretz. The ahavas yisroel here with us Jews is just improving more and more and this is to credit of Rabbi Rubashkin, may he be freed soon. His words and his writings have been an inspiration and we are acting on it by continuing to give him support. It can only make us better.

  5. Thank you very much # 5 hatzlacha.
    You inspired me. However, I wrote my own NUSACH & I want to encourage everybody to wright at least something to our senators regarding the case. Pressure can only help.
    That’s what I wrote:

    Dear Senator,
    I’m turning to you regarding a very sad sequence of event that cost the government – meaning – us the people, millions of dollars, stained the name of our judicial system and democracy and left one man behind bars for many years, leaving behind agonized suffering large family, for a mere minor business misconduct.
    I’m hereby calling your attention to the case of Mr. Shalom Rubashkin, a case that caught my attention (as well as many others) from the onset.
    To sum up the case in short:
    The initial allegations where about hiring illegal immigrants and minors, that prompted the executive branch under the directive of the prosecution, to execute such an overly exaggerated massive raid, and in the end- he was found innocent on all charges in the state trial.
    Based on the above allegations, his large business plant shut of; he was taken into custody, making it impossible for him to pay his vendors few days later as it was agreeable, and pay the bank loan based on foreseeable future income earnings.
    Based on his inability to pay of the vendors and the bank, and being that large sums where involve the same prosecution manipulated the case behind proportions to a premeditated bank fraud.
    It does not make sense at all but that is what happened.
    What drew attention to many, throughout the history of the case is the one sidedness of the judge.
    The fact is that she gave him a harsher punishment than what asked by the prosecution.
    The reason for that was found later after the revelation of some information under the Freedom of Information Act.
    From the little information that was obtained after a long legal battle (a fact that speaks strongly for itself) it is clear without a doubt the very same one sided impartial judge, served as the prosecutor in the same time. She conducted and directed meetings with the prosecution and the executive branch.
    If this is not a major scandal, I do not know what major scandal is.
    Please do all in your power to bring justice to light and make us people believe that even evil misdeeds can be corrected, thus – removing the stain and bringing the pride back to our democracy.
    Respectfully –

  6. oops!
    I found a minor/major mistake in my own letter & i corrected it:Instead of one sided impartial judge. It should read: and far from being impartial judge


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