Watch: Rabbi Noson Leiter Stands With Roy Moore

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  1. Rabbi Lieter made a tremendous Kiddush Hashem. He showed the goyim in the Bible Belt of Alabama that Frum Yidden from the extreme Liberal North East, have not caved-in to the militant homosexual community and their deviant behaviour. He showed them that we ARE a light to the Nations! We are god fearing moral people who will not apologize for our Torah values! Kol Hakavod. Chazak viematz!

    • The obvious reason for last sentence is, that the rabbi feels based on the evidence, Roy Moore is now being persecuted falsely for crimes he did not commit. If he is right on the facts (and Roy Moore is innocent) and there is no basis to these claims, then this is a merciless smear campaign to destroy someone who can save America, and the world.

    • Explanation, you don’t understand what is so egregious about the last sentence. This orthodox Jew is asking G-d to pour out His wrath against “our enemies.” This is obviously a reference to those who promote same-gender marriage. The only time we use this phrase, during the recitation of the Haggadah on Pesach, is against those who destroy or actively promote the destruction of the Jewish people, rachaman l’tzlan. It should never be used against people who sin. As Bruriah told Rabbi Meir, it doesn’t say in the Torah “May sinners be eliminated from the earth…” but rather “May sins be eliminated from the earth.” Daven that they do teshuva.

    • 1. osek bimitzva patur minhamitzva, so halachichly he possibly didn’t have to daven
      2. everyone holds there is no chiyuv to daven with a minyan in a makom that doesn’t have a minyan anywhere near it

      • I have no clue whether he davened mincha with a minyan or even at all, however

        There is a famous story with the chofitz chaim that he was dealing with a mikva and r mendel zacks said in the middle it’s time to daven mincha, the chofitz chaim responded we are talking about kares and you bothering me with mincha.

        R Shmuel Kaminetzky told someone I know personally (not Rabbi Leiter) that he was patur from davening mincha if dealing with these issues.

  2. Kudos to Rabbi Leiter שליט”א for speaking out for morality.

    He is following the derech of Rav Avigdor Miller zt”l, as well as other gedolim, who realized that we are not on a hermetically sealed island, and that we are affected by our surroundings.

    I object to the quotation marks around the title of Rabbi Leiter שליט”א. Please remove them and give the courageous rabbi the respect that he deserves!

  3. All the comments above posted until now, until 12:10 am, couldn’t have said it better. Hope Judge Moore wins and brings morality and G-d back to the US. those women who fabricated the lies against him encouraged by the Deep State should be arrested.

  4. Treat R’Leiter with reverence,even if you can disagree with him on this.

    Few,if any,are and have been as moser nefesh for the Klal as he.

    Many Policies and actions which the National Klal Organizations have subsequently taken credit for, originated with him.

  5. Rabbi Leiter is a righteous person

    There are many Goyim throughout the country, including leading ones, who admire him.

    Feel free to disagree if one desires,but with respect

  6. Your whole position is based on the idea that all the accusers are lying, even though he was apparently infamous for stalking teenagers at malls.
    Have you ever stopped to consider what if you are wrong? Can you imagine the tremendous chilul hashem that would result from you and the rabbi supporting a pedophile and child molester in the name of morality??

  7. Nobody agreed with Rav Avigdor Miller ztzl. Otherwise you would have seen many other protests over the years. We are not out to fight over every issue in America. We are guests only. Let Rabbi Leiter run in Alabama I am sure he’ll pick up about 3 votes.

    • Wow you are so brave to take on Rabbi Miller ZT”L. You have extremely broad shoulders to be mivazeh a Torah giant with your chutzpadikeh comment. I can’t wait to find out what happens to you after 120 when HKBH asks you to explain. You obviously know nothing about Kedusha and those that stand up and fight for it. You are a dark sinner who couldn’t care less about homosexuality and how it affects YOU. Your previous comment above about “where did he daven” shows how great of an am ha’aretz you are.

    • R Moshe Feinstein did, signed kol korai saying to do everything possible to stop gay rights, the easiest way to stop it is by not voting for pro gay candidates, so obviously he also held that way
      R yaakov kaminetzky held it was better to vote for a antisemite who was against homosexuality then a pro Israel and pro gay candidate
      R Aaron solovatich held this way, as did r belsky and numerous others.

      The list of poskim who disagree is much shorter than those who I know paskened like r avigdor miller

  8. Rabbi Leiter’s ideas are a chilul hashem. He borrows the modern day goyish blood libel that gays are out there to molest and convert children. As Jews we should know better than that. Besides violating the commandment against false witness, slandering a whole group of people with demonstrably false accusations is hardly being a ‘light unto the world’. Instead this sinas chinam drives people away from the light of the torah with its undercurrent of petty hatred. If a single gay Jewish child takes his life because of this, it is on his head.

    This is what goyim have done to us and each other over the centuries. Jews do not do this.

    This is not to endorse gay marriage, or anything like that. But I take inspiration from my teachers at Chabad and other Jewish institutions that every Jew is a Jew no matter what. They have Jewish souls no matter what and the way to bring moshiach is to show them the way by doing mitzvahs and demonstrating the wisdom of Torah. Not through the ugliness of hate filled hearts.

    Lastly, a quote from my rabbi: “Don’t hate others just because they sin differently than you.”

  9. I would add that the philosophies I expressed are based on my understanding (however limited) of Torah and chassidus teachings from no less an authority than the Lubavitche Rebbe and others from Aish hatorah and chofetz chaim yeshivas.

    While an unlearned baal tshuvah like myself can certainly err, and I certainly welcome any corrections, wouldn’t it be a more productive discussion if we focus on what the Torah and yiddishkeit say rather than my burdens?

    Before you say the obvious about the Torah condemning homosexual acts (we all agree on that), that is a far cry from condemning homosexuals; slandering and hating individual Jews. Being gay, which I am, is both a burden and a blessing. The burden is the requirement of abstinence from what G-d commands us not to do. The blessing is the opportunity to sacrifice for him on a level beyond that of “normal” people. But I know I have a share in olam haba same as you.

    So regarding the concepts chesed, ahavas yisroel, the destructiveness of sinas chinam
    and that every Jew has a Jewish soul, I’m quite certain I’m on solid ground.

    I was watching the chabad kinus shluchim, and what a different approach and kiddish hashem. To spread good deeds and the light of the Torah around the world. Not hatred and divisiveness. But maybe this is just because I’m gay.

    • to identify oneself based on a avaras is perverse, and about as far away from the torah as possible even if it was a “small” avarah (not one that one would have to give up their lives for)

      btw the lubavitcher rebbe spoke very strongly against the gay rights bill of 86, and chabad used to be better on this issue before money got in their way

    • Keep your filthy problems to yourself. Please don’t air your personal dirty laundry in public. If you tell the world (thru the internet) about your sins, you lower the morality in the land. Don’t contaminate us.

  10. My initial response wisely withheld, I am content to let the words of some of the last few posts stand. Nothing I could ever say could demonstrate the utter moral bankruptcy of the ideas of this rabbi and his followers as strongly and effectively as the comments in some of the last few posts. Hate always reveals itself.


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