Yaakov’s Sheep Coming To Israel

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The Friends of Jacob’s Sheep, an organization devoted to the propagation of spotted and striped sheep, reported that “We are planning to bring our flock of Jacob sheep to Israel this summer from a farm in Abbotsford Canada” and that funds were being collected make this happen.

The group claims that Jacob Sheep are descended from Yaakov Avinu’s flock mentioned in Bereishis. Unique for their spectacular horns, which number two to six in ewes and rams, they are “the only animal in the world to have the biblical description of speckled skin, spots on the wool, and bands on their ankles and knees.”

Israeli Agriculture and Rural Development Ministry authorized the import of the animals to Israel following intervention from Israeli diplomats in Ottowa who recognized the Jacob Sheep’s unique “right of return,” the organization noted. This was after Friends of the Jacob Sheep directors Jenna and Gil Lewinsky unsuccessfully petitioned the Israeli Agricultural Ministry to import 130 Jacob sheep to Israel last year.

David Steger – Matzav.com Israel


  1. Pretty neat even if only in theoretical feeling.

    The sheep breed must be pretty neat to know exists!

    Have a good wit if they really are Jacob’s sheep. They are still in the land of his sons and daughters!



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