Yahadut HaTorah: Don’t Let Us Lose Seat To Meretz

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Yahadut HaTorah (UTJ), which was celebrating its growth to eight Knesset seats in the elections this week, is now feeling pressure as the latest count appears to move its eighth seat to the Meretz party.

UTJ is now just a few dozen votes shy of that eighth seat, which had previously seemed safe, as the Central Elections Committee is coping with a spate of irregularities in the reported votes.

The party which is benefiting at UTJ’s expense is the far-left Meretz party, the Kikar Hashabbat website reported.

A message was distributed to party activists: “Share – for the eighth mandate not to go to Meretz. We are urgently asking representatives of the United Torah Judaism to go to the polling secretaries, committee members and observers to report specific irregularities.”

“The situation at the moment is that we have a small gap, and there are irregularities in the data. The gap can be overcome by identifying specific incidents, counterfeit or irrational results, examining them and fixing them.

“At the moment, there are ballot boxes that do not have any UTJ voice, and we’ve already saved thousands of votes in this way!”

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    Rabbi Shmuel Mordechai Mintz, z”l, the secretary general of Agudas Yisrael, recalled an election rally in Batei Horenstein in Yerushalayim which was graced by the presence of Harav Aharon Kotler, zt”l, who traveled to Eretz Yisrael for the express purpose of strengthening the Agudah list. Harav Kotler stood on a dais and delivered a fiery speech. He explained that there are three yemei Hadin: one, when a person is judged each day; a second, after a person passes away and returns his soul to his Creator, and the third, in the World to Come, which is the Yom Hadin Hagadol, the biggest day of judgment of all. What is the purpose of the Yom Hadin Hagadol? Hasn’t each person already experienced judgment for every day of his life, twice?

    Harav Kotler explained: “Rashi wrote his peirush hundreds of years ago, and Am Yisrael learn it constantly, with Chumash and with Gemara. When Rashi came to the Upper World, all his mitzvos were reckoned. But what about the subsequent generations, that learned his commentary after his passing? Only on the Yom Hadin Hagadol will a person be rewarded for the results of his actions and their ramifications on coming generations.

    And then he continued: “When a Yid votes and puts a gimmel into the ballot box during elections, he prevents chillul Shabbos for generations. With one small note, he can effect great things, and all these zechuyos will stand in his merit on the Yom Hadin Hagadol.”

    • Kol Hakavod to Peleg, a Yeshiva with true yerei Shamayim, who do not want to support the parties that help shmad Jews.

      Why should Peleg vote? What do they gain from it? It’s not as if they take money from the govt nor did the govt stop their forcing of the draft on chareidi boys and girls. If anything, it became worse.

      The shame is that other chareidi parties DID GO to vote and are ONLY concerned about $$$$$$. They don’t care how many religious boys and girls are being taken to the shmad army. Actually, it’s because of those chareidi parties that vote, instead of protesting the forcing of the giyus, they are the 5th column in joining the secular in helping them with implementing the giyus shmad laws with its harsh quota which didn’t exist before 2012.


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