Yair Lapid: Netanyahu ‘Trying To Drag Country Into 3rd Election’

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After Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu urged Blue and White Chairman MK Benny Gantz to parley on formation of a unity government, MK Yair Lapid accused Netanyahu of “trying to drag the country into a third election.”

At a Blue and White faction meeting, Lapid said: “One person is preventing the formation of a liberal unity government. One person. When faced with the choice between what’s important for the country and what’s important for one person, the country comes first.”

The Blue and White leader continued: “That’s the aim of the bloc of extortionists and extremists he created yesterday. That’s the aim of all the spin he’s throwing around in the past few hours. The public didn’t give him their confidence – he’s trying to replace the public. Like the Labor party in the 1970s. The public doesn’t want him anymore so he wants to replace the public. We can’t allow him to drag us to another election.

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