Yair Netanyahu: I’m Afraid For My Life

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Yair Netanyahu, the son of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, shared a collection of curses, threats, and incitement to violence against him which has been posted to Facebook and Twitter.

“I’m really starting to fear for my life, and the police and the attorney’s office under Nurit Litman are signalling a green light for the inciters and the bullies,” Netanyahu said.

“They still have not opened an investigation against the guy who called several times to stab me with a knife,” he added.

The prime minister’s son posted three tweets by a Twitter user who goes by the name ZORO, who wrote: “I will come to your house and break your bones [right] after I get out of jail. Get the Shin Bet, the IDF, and the Mossad. I’m sure that they’re on my side. I’ll break you.”

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



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