Yair Netanyahu Suggests All Muslims Should Leave Israel

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Prime Minister Netanyahu’s son Yair suggested on Facebook that there could never be peace in Israel until its Arab citizens move of the country.

“There will not be peace here until: 1. All the Jews leave the land of Israel.2. All the Muslims leave the land of Israel. I hope it’s the second,” wrote Yair on Facebook.

Later, Yair wrote that “do you know where there are no terror attacks? In Iceland and Japan. Coincidentally there’s also no Muslim population there”.

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  1. Easy talk Yair Netanyahu. Had you been PM, there’d still be no peace even if you send all Muslim out and all non-Jews out. If Jews behave like Goyim and don’t realize that the land of Israel is a holy land given to the Jews by G-d, who are you to send anyone out? Yair, you yourself are one of the problems. Do tshuva and act like a Jew.

  2. Yair is not a politician. His opinions don’t belong in the media. He is still quite young too.

    I don’t agree with Obama on much, but I certainly accept that his kids’ lives don’t belong in public view, and their views should not be reported.

  3. Sadly, Yair forgot the most important factor in bringing peace to Israel…being deserving of Moshiach’s arrival. Please Yair, return to the Torah and bring your friends with you. Then we will merit peace in the Eretz HaKodashah.

  4. There is nothing controversial about his statement. Most people understand that there will never be peace unless either the Jews leave or the Muslims leave. Anything controversial there? Any counterexamples from anywhere in the world? Any Jewish communities in the vicinity of Muslim communities that feel comfortable and safe? Until someone provides examples, this statement is impossible to criticize, and is hence noncontroversial.

    The second part of his statement, that if one group had to leave he would prefer that it would be the Muslims, is only controversial to people who don’t believe that Israel is a Jewish country. Unfortunately, that includes most of the [anti-Israel] world and a significant portion of the jewish community both on the left and on the right.

    So Yair Netanyahu made a statement that is totally non-controversial to any Yid who believes that Eretz Yisroel is a Jewish country. Why the uproar in a blog like Matzav.

  5. The study of Torah is the way to our reality. Yair seems not.

    Tid bit of the era. May he ever mature. Nitty press. Anything said.

    Nitty nitty and bitty bitty. The service of none.

    Where is grisly to end? C’VS. Not our holy.

    Botch it again Netanyahu family. We still know kosher only prays.


  6. I guess he doesn’t plan to follow in his fathers steps. Anyone who speaks the truth doesn’t go into politics.
    I love it when he says things everyone else is afraid to say. Watch out Kahana(isn’t that what Kahana said almost 30 years ago;the Arabs should leave?)
    Way to go Yair-be a light amongst your people.


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