Yair Netanyahu: ‘Until My Father, Israel Exported Only Oranges’


Yair Netanyahu, son of PM, spoke Wednesday evening at a World Values Heritage event in NY, where he was interviewed by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach.

Speaking about his father’s legacy, “When my father came in back in the 90s, except for the threat, Israel was in a horrible socialist, primitive economy, no exports for example except maybe oranges. Israel was isolated because it was weak, everyone wants to be friend with you when you are strong.”

Yair then spoke of how his father being the premier has effected their family life.

“For my personal sake and my family’s sake I wish [my father] would never have gone into politics, except for the 5 hours he sleeps I barely get to see him. I wished I had more quality time with him. but for the sake of my country and people I think I am blessed like every other citizen that he leads the country. He took us away from Oslo and disengagement, made us proud and rooted in our land. Closing the border with Egypt preventing being washed by illegal immigration. Making our economy stronger and our international status the best its been probably since king Solomon.”

Read more at Arutz Sheva.




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