Yang Gives Away $120,000 During Democrat Debate To Promote Universal Income


Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang will reportedly announce a $120,000 giveaway during Thursday night’s primary debate — a move that he left as a surprise but said would be “unprecedented,” Politico reports.

Yang’s campaign will randomly select 10 families for the giveaway and award them a total of $120,000 over the next year, with each family getting $1,000 per month, as the team pilots a program for the White House hopeful’s universal basic income proposal, according to Politico.

Yang — who, in recent weeks, has been getting more attention and has seen higher polling numbers — has centered his campaign around a promise to give every American adult $1,000 a month, a version of universal basic income, and has defended the proposal as a response to rising automation, which he argues will continue to displace thousands of jobs.

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    • Yeah, but he’s also against Berit Mila, so he may not be the best choice. Unfortunately for you, you’ll have to mimic E.F. Hutton and make money the old fashioned way… by earning it.

  1. Only a Dem can be fooled by his nutty promises of giving every American adult $1,000 a month believing he has a huge money forest growing in his backyard.

  2. Unlike the legal vote buying of “normal” campaign promises of “elect me and I will vote for a law that gives people money”, this giving money directly to voters from a private fund sound like the illegal form of voted buying.


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